“I can present your webinar, interview you, handle all the tech and take away the headaches and hassles of presenting online. In short, I can generally make you look AWESOME”


Jonathan Senior / @jonsenior1

Why is webinar presenting radically different?

Professional speakers - You are probably very good BUT...

If you think that you are going to rock up like you always have done, and be awesome, then sorry but you are in for a rude awakening.
People behave very different online vs in person.
All the distractions of Facebook, sports and even porn are just one click away.
That's why you need a dedicated webinar coach to help you.

If you are speaking on a webinar - you need to CAPTURE your audience from MINUTE ONE.

Your slides are probably good. (For a 2005 audience)

3 or 4 bullet points in arial font and a picture you got from a free photo image website is a great way to get people flocking for the virtual exits.

You need slides that GRAB your audience and TELL THEM what to do next.

I will turn you into a slide NINJA.

Like it or lump it - we live in a visual world. Old school is... well old.

Technology for the faint hearted

The technology required for webinars - live or recorded can be eye wateringly expensive, bewildering - or both.

I can hold your hand as you pick your way through this minefield. 

Equally - I can present or your behalf or my team can provide "silent admin" support to leave you to concentrate on WOWING the audience.

Hoping all the bolts will hold on your webinar set up is a very poor choice of strategy.

Copywriting, landing pages and all that jazz.

However good your material is - people are unlikely to be captivated by it if they don't know about it.

Your chances of getting someones most treasured possession - their email is virtually NIL if you are missing a strong landing page and compelling follow up sequence.

Myself and my army of internet slaves are ready and waiting to get you started FAST with landing page design, email and all the boring but necessary stuff you will need.

In the 21st century - you need to be taking your audience and guiding them by the hand. I will help you do this.

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Jonathan Senior |

I work hard and I work fast. If I decide to take you on as a client, I expect 100% dedication and commitment.
I am a three time Ironman triathlon finisher and I approach all business projects with the attitude that helped me do this. Most normal people will be begging for me to go slower or stop.
It is in my interests that you smash any goals you may have set yourself and demolish any artificial hurdles you have put in your own way - business or personal.
If you are at the point where you feel you need someone to both give you a nudge and hold you to account - it could be that we may be a good match.

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