Why does Jonathan Senior have such a smarty pants ‘about’ page?

Web usability studies show that regardless of how someone got to your site, the next page they will click on is the ‘about’ page. If that’s you – a special welcome.

What makes a good about page?

Well, there is a clue in the title. The person visiting your site doesn’t want some standard corporate “we compete on service” nonsense and logos.

They want detailed information on the person they will be dealing with.

So…(without a boring history lesson)

Jonathan Senior has been in management & leadership for over 20 years (10 years in consultancy). I worked for 6 different local authorities in the UK doing everything from high level complaints, workflow and task mapping, staff recruitment, training as well as systems implementation and IT.

Be warned

"I hate lateness, our time together is valuable and I hate to see it wasted”

When not talking about management and marketing…

I am glad you asked… When I am away from waxing lyrical about marketing and life in general, I can usually be found swimming, cycling or running.

I have been a triathlete since 1996, qualified athletics coach and three times Ironman triathlon finisher. I like punk rock, rap and rugby league.

Am I your guy?

After reading this website, you are probably thinking –

“Is Jonathan Senior the right guy to help me?

And the short answer is – I don’t know.

Be sure to know...

If you ask for my opinion – be ready for an honest answer as I tend to fire straight from the hip.

We would be a good match if…

  • You show up on time…
  • You are open to new ideas and willing to change
  • Sameness bores you
  • You understand that great results for you = time and efforts I invest + Your efforts and practice