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Toni Bubb

#FunkyThinkers – Toni Bubb

#FunkyThinkers - Toni Bubb

toni bubb
Toni Bubb toni bubb

Toni Bubb 

Houston, Texas, USA

Toni is great - just full stop.

But initially because she could identify her product or creation in terms of comparing it to something that most people can relate to.

A for professional services providers and coaches.

Makes it easy for people to conceptualise - because it is effectively piggy backing the advertising of

We talked about having the emotional intelligence of knowing when to talk to someone on a plane or train, and when to stay silent.

Someone somewhere should register and make a fortune.

Unlimited travel would be Toni's ideal thing.

We talked about the trickle down effect of both parents having/needing to work full time - in a lousy job - which impacts their parenting skills - because they are too tired to actually do any - which impacts the behaviour and aspirations of their children.

Superwoman would play Toni in a film.

She can be contacted via or linkedin

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We talk about The Pointer Sisters also - and here they are...

John Francis

#FunkyThinkers – John Francis

#FunkyThinkers - John Francis

John Francis john francis
John Francis john francis

John Francis  

 Ontario - Canada

 John Francis is CEO of - a virtual recruitment and retention company.

John is from Waterloo, Ontario.

In this episode, we discuss wether Waterloo was named after the battle of Waterloo.

Answer - it was.

According to wikipedia - ahem...

In 1816 the new township was named after Waterloo, Belgium, the site of the Battle of Waterloo (1815), which had ended the Napoleonic Wars in Europe.

John would travel back in time to when Jesus was born - to find out exactly what went off and whose claim on God and Jesus is authentic and credible.

We are going to invent a box where John can give TedX type talks with out seeing him or him seeing anybody else.

Michael Keaton would play him in a film (it's the folicly challenged thing).

You should also check out John's podcast at workpassion fit.ere...

funky thinkers guide to time management john francisjohn francis
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judd borakove

#FunkyThinkers – Judd Borakove

#FunkyThinkers - Judd Borakove

judd borakove judd borakove
judd borakove judd borakove

Judd Borakove

Atlanta , USA

In this episode I talk to Atlanta business owner, coach and consultant Judd Borakove.

Amongst other things, we talked about his #4C project.

Why HE is the annoying person that talks to everybody on the train, bus.

Clue - It is to get more/faster/better service.

You know - by treating people as humans...

Yeah remarkable I know...

Judd would like to go back in time - to hang out in the time of King Arthur. (Assuming he is real rather than a legend...)

Swapping manly stories and playing with swords.

The show I was thinking of was River Monsters with Jeremy Wade - there is an episode below also.

We decided that if you went back in time - you could get hurt AND ACTUALLY DIE if you played with swords.

Oh and by the way - there is a font below called "Ale and wenches" which, if nothing else is a great name.

funky thinkers guide to time management judd borakovejudd borakove

#FunkyThinkers guide to Twitter

Why did I write the funky thinkers guide to twitter?

Most people have BORING TWITTER accounts.  Most people (and it is usually those who complain about reading what everyone else has had for breakfast) are REALLY BORING.

The funky thinkers guide to twitter takes you away from all this boring stuff.

Firstly - What do I mean by boring?

It is possible, (although highly unlikely for me) to be able to look online and find, social media event venues like "How to get started on twitter", "How to use instagram to blah de blah etc...", within easy travelling distance for me, but that's just boring.

While there is nothing wrong with this type of event, if you want to spend £250 learning something you already know - who am I to stop you?

It's part of the business model that the training at these events is part baked and "usefully incomplete."

It's in their interests that you spend half your life in the digital bubble trying to catch up with the latest tips, tricks and techniques. If this is you - you will spend the rest of your life "catching up."

(By the way - you should realise that the people running these courses get paid regardless of your success or otherwise).

I could also look on forums where people are discussing their "follow back" strategy.

HUH? Nobody gives a stuff - I rarely follow anybody - simply because I don't want to read other people's junk.

Many of the UK top twitter experts suggest that you use autotweets for 33% of your tweets. This is bulk uploading a list of tweets and then every morning at say 8:30am, the tool or software will spit out a tweet that says "Good morning - How are we all today?"

But I digress - you came onto this page because you wanted the funky thinkers guide to twitter and so here we go:

By the way - there is no nudity in this post but I will be using pornstars as examples.

Why do I use pornstars as examples?.

Pornstars are the ultimate in interaction - they just don't fake it. When it comes to being online - they are there.

Well one thing that all these training courses that I talked about will always bang on about is authenticity. (How you can get authenticity in auto tweets is beyond me) And there is nothing more authentic than someone who has sex on camera for the entertainment of others.

I have screen shotted a few porn star tweets and will give you a commentary about how you can apply this TODAY to your business. Leave all the auto follow and other boring stuff to everyone else.

Funky thinkers guide to twitter  1 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 1 - Shauna Skye (who at the time of this photograph is actually heavily pregnant)

Message - If you have something that is unique or time bound (Shauna Skye is unlikely to be pregnant forever...) then tell your followers about it - if you can photograph it then all the better because people are far too lazy to read anything anymore.

funkythinkers_guide to twitter 2 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 2 - August Ames- Answer questions honestly.
If someone asks you a question - however stupid it may seem - give them an answer. Of course - the answer doesn't necessarily have to be the truth - just a shout out will make people with boring twitter timelines feel important.

funkythinkers_guide to twitter3 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 3 - August Ames - Ask for feedback

You should only really be asking for feedback at your mastermind group. BUT used strategically AND SPARINGLY, porn star twitter theory says you can tell people what you are doing by asking for feedback. "What do you think of my book cover?" is a coded way of saying - "Look everyone - I have a new book coming out" BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS FUNKY THINKER  TWITTER TIP.

funky thinkers guide to twitterfunky thinkers guide to twitter
Funkythinkers_guide to twitter4 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 4 - Nikki Benz - Use twitter to share your view of the world.

People will follow you because they are interested in what you are saying. It would make sense therefore to use this to educated them on an ongoing basis about your view of the world, how you like to do business etc. If and when they then sign up as a client, they are likely to be fewer shocks when they start actually speaking to you.

funkythinkers_guide to twitter5 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 5 - Mark Wood - Comment about stuff going on in your industry.

I don't know this but I am guessing that agents in the porn industry are as necessary an evil as they are in any other industry. Mark Wood shows how to express your views about things that are going on in your industry.

funkythinkers-guideto twitter6 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 6 - Lexi Lowe - Don't be afraid to offer stinging comment.

Just because twitter offers you the chance for real time conversation you don't have to. If you need to reply to somebody in a witty or sardonic way - you can think about it over night before you reply.

funkythinkers_guide to twitter7 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 7 - Puma Swede - Just wish people good night.

Yes I know what you are thinking - I can do this via autotweet. But can you? Porn star twitter says otherwise. Suppose you are at a trade fair or event. A quick picture of you and who you are hanging around with is like gold in the big scheme of things. This will take seconds literally with almost any smart phone.

funkythinkers_guide to twitter8 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 8 - Teal Conrad - Be curious and make people want to know more.

Clickbait has fans and it has people who hate it. But guess what? We are in a click driven world. It is the currency of the internet. You should know if you put something up there how many clicks it gets over time. Other wise, what is the point of putting it out there?

funkythinker_sguide to twitter9 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 9 - August Ames - Use twitter in conjunction with other technologies.

Periscope is very easy to use - It means you can broadcast live anywhere you can get a web connection. It's great fun too and free...

funkythinkers_guide to twitter10 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 10 - Raylin Ann - Find industry hashtags (that will allow people to find you) and use them.

One of the things that binds not only industries together but people watching the same TV show, supporting the same sports team and following the same celebrities is the hashtag. Social media 101 says the @ symbol is who someone is talking to and the # is what they are talking about. It makes sense to use hashtags to key into key people in your industry.

business card voyeur banner funky thinkers guide to twitterfunky thinkers guide to twitter
funkythinkers_guide to twitter11 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 11 - Briana Banks - If someone sets you as the lock screen on their phone - tell the world...

This has to be the ultimate testimonial. Forget video feedback and all that other boring stuff. If you pull this off, someone will be looking at you several hundred times a day. You gotta tell the world about this.

funkythinkers_guide to twitter12 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 12 - Brandi Love - Invest in a good quality header graphic

Twitter allows you quite a lot of scope to customise how your homepage looks. It makes sense to spend some time and money on a good first impression.

funkythinkers_guide to Twitter13 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 13 - Nikki Waine - Just tell people to follow you.

Pretty obvious really but blowing your own trumpet is OK once in a while. Just don't do it too often or you will become the twitter equivalent of the MLM bore down at your local normalite networking club.

funkythinkers_guidetotwitter14 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 14 - Vicky Vette - Dare people to click.

Instagram related and again she is almost daring you to click. People are hard wired to think they are missing out on something. Here is an easy way to use that fear against them. 

funkythinkers_guidetotwitter15 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 15 - Ally Breelson - Pinned tweets.

Yep the chamber of commerce course didn't mention those did they?
A pinned tweet is something sticky that you pin to the top of your timeline. When someone hits your homepage, that is what they will see. These examples all use it for a semi-time bound competition they want you to vote for them in.

funkythinkers_guidetotwitter16 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 16 - Audrey Bitoni - Just post random stuff.

People will appreciate random stuff. If you are trying to sell something intangible or build any kind of personal brand, your random tweets can be as bizarre as you like.

website voyeur banner funky thinkers guide to twitterfunky thinkers guide to twitter
funkythinkers_guidetotwitter17 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 17 - Shay Sights - Pretend you have as assistant or an agent - regardless if you have one or not.

Twitter isn't the place to be taking bookings - even if you don't have an assistant or booking agent - just pretend that you do. This will instantly impress whoever is reading your message because they probably won't have one. So 1-0 to you.

#funkythinkers #tip - Pretend you have an assistant - even if you don't

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funkythinkers-guidetotwitter18 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 18 - Nicole Vice - Not interested in twitter? Fine

Just make sure that you reserve your name - there is generally no restriction on who can register twitter names. All you need is a working email. No checks are made. It's a good idea to register your name and just leave it there. In case someone else registers it and puts a load of porn on it 😉

funkythinkers_guidetotwitter19 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 19 - Briana Banks - Say thanks

Yes - The word thanks is much underused in the English language. Briana Banks has gone to the lengths of sending each fan a personalised Instagram thanks - neat or what? Do you think she will be generating fans for life (in a very competitive environment) yes I think so too...

funkythinker_guidetotwitter20 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 20 - Carmen Callaway - Grow a pair.

Carmen Callaway has no special powers. She has two arms and two legs, bleeds when she cuts herself but is OK with taking nude photographs of herself and posting them online. Carmen Callaway is 23 years old... If she can do it - why can't you?

funkythinkers_guidetotwitter21 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 21 - Tweet about what you are doing. Christiana Cinn

Yes I know you are going to say that people aren't interested in what someone else had for breakfast. But here is a thing - they ARE. You see what people say they do online and what they actually DO are two different things. Don't believe me ? Look at the "trending" at the top right of your facebook page. This is what your friends and their friends are clicking on and interacting with.

BUT you have to do it strategically. In this example, Christiana Cinn us showing us what she is reading. (A useful thing to show people).

funkythinkers_guidetotwitter22 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 22 - If you have a new product - tell people - Brooklyn Chase

If you have a new product coming out - tweet about it - with a picture and tag anybody else who might have been involved in producing the product.

funkythinker_guidetotwitter23 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 23 - Lucy Zara - Tell people to vote for you.

funkythinkers_guidetotwitter24 funky thinkers guide to twitter

Funky thinkers twitter tip 24 - Tell people when you are up for awards. Jasmine Jae

Awards are easy for people to conceptualise. They understand the olympics because it is (usually) the first three over the line win the medals. It makes no difference if they don't understand the full details of the award but getting votes is relatively easy to do if you have a reasonably engaged twitter following.

So - there we are 24 Funky thinkers twitter tips.

If you enjoyed the funky thinkers guide to twitter - go ahead and click the share buttons below. (Be sure to click all of them...)

elliot Katz

# FunkyThinkers – Elliot Katz

#Funky Thinkers - Elliot Katz

Elliot Katz elliot katz
Elliot katz elliot katz

Elliot Katz - Toronto

When there's a problem in our relationships, it's often easier to blame than to take responsibility. Seeking to understand the challenges he faced, Elliott Katz explored the wisdom of the ages. He discovered powerful, often-forgotten insights that gave him the answers he needed to change. He also discovered that many people face similar challenges. People started seeking his advice and he was repeatedly told, ?

Why didn't someone tell me this before??

Elliott Katz is a professional speechwriter and the author of seven non-fiction books including the bestseller Great Country Walks Around Toronto. He has written on a wide-range of subjects from the outdoors to the economy to how to stimulate ideas in the workplace. He teaches the principles in this book to men and is available to speak at seminars and conferences.

funky thinkers guide to time management elliot katzelliot katz

#FunkyThinkers – CK Goldiing

#FunkyThinkers - C.K.Goldi​ing

C.K. Gplding ck goldiing
C.K.Goldiing ck goldiing

C.K. Goldiing - Sheffield/London

Quite often, these bios are a combination of what the guest has written when they applied to be on the show, relevant information about what they do - gathered from sources like their LinkedIn, their website about page.

CK didn't write a lot on his application - other than that he once survived in London for 6 months with just £100, a bag of clothes and whatever he could make with/for previously unsigned and unknown musicians.

Despite testimonials from Red Bull, Time Out and Exposed Magazine, the layout of his website is pretty minimal.

So what to do? Where to get a bio?

I knew that I had to have him on the show.

Unfortunately, If I said - CK is a writer - you would say meh - I know writers...

If I said CK is a photographer - Hmmmm yeah everyone has a phone...

If I said CK is a voice over artist and presenter... OK well fine...

Never mind all that - all you need to do now is to listen to the interview...

funky thinkers guide to time management ck goldiingck goldiing
Tarnya Coley

#FunkyThinkers – Tarnya Coley

#FunkyThinkers - Tarnya Coley

tarnya coley
Tarnya Coley

Tarnya Coley  - Manchester

Tarnya Coley is a motivational speaker who seeks to inspire, empower and create awareness to reach their full potential.
She is a firm believer in encouraging clients to be the best version of themselves so they can become everything you set out to do.
Tarnya's desire is to help clients to understand the keys to living a pleasant and fulfilled life. Also exhibiting how they can make those small changes so they can have a better quality of life.
It is important to believe in yourself, because that is where it all starts.
I believe, I can!

funky thinkers guide to time management
Keisha Rivers

#FunkyThinkers – Keisha Rivers

#FunkyThinkers - Keisha Rivers

keisha rivers
Keisha Rivers keisha rivers

Keisha Rivers - Charlotte, North Carolina

You can solve problems in two ways--1) you can "fix" the problem; or 2) you can "develop" your people so THEY can fix the problem.

Einstein said it best when he said that "you can't fix a problem with the same mind that created it".

That's true of organizations and companies as well.

The same old way of doing things just doesn't work in new situations.

That's why we work with clients to provide a road map to success that not only focuses on solving their problems, but develops their people in ways that allows them to grow in the process.

The KARS Facilitated Outcome Model is a proven strategic outcomes-focused approach that engages teams and develops your people to think critically, work effectively and process efficiently to solve problems and achieve results.

We work with you to develop your vision of success (the outcome), map out an action plan, facilitate implementation, then assess and evaluate both progress and outcomes.

Change is a process--not an event. But if you don't have the right process, you won't get to the right destination in order to create the desired event.

Start your journey with us today. Visit ​ and let's talk.

keisha riverskeisha rivers

By the way - I referred to Funky thinker Helen - Listen to this interview also

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#FunkyThinkers – guide to Facebook

How to delete your Facebook profile – or rather why…
It is possible that you have been thinking about your Facebook account and what it is doing for you and your business. Lets get one thing straight; Facebook never is, never was and never will be a “personal branding tool” for business owners and celebrities etc. In recent months fan pages and Facebook ads have been developed for that. But before you start thinking about how to delete your Facebook account, you probably want to examine why you should delete your Facebook account.

I am talking specifically on this post about how to delete your Facebook profile – as in personal page.

Don’t get me wrong – Facebook is great. If you are going to a big event for example – the 2015 Ironman race held in Canada, and finding the the Mont Tremblant group on Facebook was really helpful for me to find stuff out about the location, the race, the weather etc – despite everyone babbling away in

funky thinkers guide to facxebook funky thinkers

By the way, If you are running an online forum on any subject on your own platform, you may have noticed a drying up of conversation in the last few years as Facebook has cornered the market in securing the eyeballs.
If you are intending to run Facebook ads or have a fan page, then you need to tie them to a personal account. Deleting the whole account in a fit of peak is probably a bad idea.

>>>>Reality che​ck<<<<

As a business owner, Can you afford your online reputation to be governed by the lowest common denominator of the people you hang around with? I sure want to avoid appearing online surrounded by people with bottles of beer and doing stupid things. (I side stepped the ice bucket challenge also)

Facebook, especially on personal devices like a phone or tablet, panders to that most basic of human needs, looking at what other people are doing, without them knowing that we are looking.

Facebook is the ultimate tool for the silent but discerning stalker.

Click to Tweet

Want to see what the bridesmaids looked like at a strangers wedding? feel free. Want to see what that person who hangs around with the bloke up the road looks like in a bikini? Feel free.

funky thinkersfunky thinkers

It’s a time suck and here is an example. 

Have you ever noticed how those ads (including the news feed in the right hand column) appear ever more relevant. Some of the brightest people that have ever lived spend hours and hours working out what you click on and what you don’t. Advertisers make money only when you click and in the 21st century internet based economy, YOU are the product. It makes sense to present you with links you are MORE LIKELY to click on. In this respect, social media is a cruel trick played on business owners.

Don’t believe me?

I could find an event online today, near me, aimed at business owners showing me how to set up a Facebook account. No thought of what to do when I have got it or why I need to do it. This is a class in futile button pushing.

funkythinkers funky thinkers

Despite what it says when a memory pops onto my timeline, Facebook does not care about me, or my personal productivity. Mark Zuckerberg cares about one thing and one thing alone. Profits for Facebook shareholders. He is providing people with the tools to while away their lives.

Forget all that personal branding stuff also. Everybody is talking and no one is listening. Uploading a photograph of yourself and your kids? Guess what ? So is everyone else..

funky thinkers funky thinkers

Suppose you upload a picture of your kids walking or crawling or throwing up when they have had too much to drink for the first time.

fumky thinkers funky thinkers

How many people do you think will really REALLY be interested in this in real life? As in you would whip a photograph out and show them and they be interested?

Answer: Fewer than 10. That is close family only. This gives an interaction ratio of 2%. That is 2 out of 100 people. Nobody else cares in the slightest. (Plus they’ve got their own photos of their own kids to share with 500 people too). It is this which provides fuel to the fire of the permanent partial attentiveness generation. Oh look – 100 photos of someone else’s kids – I will have a quick flick through to see if I recognise anybody. Nah nothing there – boring – oh look a photograph of a skateboarding dog.

funkythinkers funky thinkers

Is this you?

If you have 500 friends and you upload masses of photographs at a time then your camera phone should be boiled in oil and you be made to communicate with a piece of paper and a pencil for the rest of your life.

Also, if you have say, 500 friends and you have hundreds of photographs of yourself, your kids and your spouse, then you are the last person why needs to be crying when your wife gets added to an anonymous boobs site or your kids get pilfered onto places most people don’t like to thing about.

business card voyeur banner funky thinkersfunky thinkers

The next big reason why you need to think about deleting your Facebook profile is that you will end up dancing to somebody else’s tune. Two examples

funkythinkers funky thinkers

First, Remember the news feed from earlier on? These are the things your “friends” are talking about. I can manage without knowing that Eddie Hall dead lifted 500 kgs. My day will go quite a bit smoother without that fact in my head.

Second, let’s say like me, you have only a few family and close friends as “friends.” EVERYTIME one of them like something, comments on something, fills in a silly little survey or downloads a game, it shows up in MY timeline.

Your friend liked somebody that you don’t know dressed as a pirate (or whatever) can be a little bit annoying after a while.

funkythinkers funky thinkers

If you mix up all this 21st century dysfunctional family stuff with trying to run a business from a Facebook personal profile and you have a recipe for confusion and posting the wrong stuff to the wrong people.

Having said all this, there are upsides to Facebook. If you have a “lifestyle” business. You make and sell jewelry or run some kind of MLM thing. (cosmetics, fitness shakes or cooking equipment for instance). If this is you, then you don’t even need a website. Facebook gives you all the tools (as explained above) to locate and engage the required people. You can upload photographs of your products etc, encourage people to share them. Just expect to annoy people pretty soon. You will be the person at a social event who is selling double glazing to anyone they talk to.

funkythinkers funky thinkers

Next rant when thinking about how to delete your facebook profile (appropriate if you are a business owner and want to read on).
If you do have a website, and a Facebook (or any social media) profile, then it is likely you have fallen into the template trap.

Most WordPress and other templates have space for you to add your profile links. Most people add as many as they can. Don’t want to miss a click right? That’s what the gurus tell us.

But here is the thing – quite often, when doing a website voyeur, I see sites with a whole stream of buttons. And being inherently curious, I click on the buttons.Enter your text here...

Only to find that the twitter button sends me to a twitter account with only a handful of tweets and no real followers. Just a few webcam sex robot accounts.

The facebook button sends me to a personal page with all the fun and games I have talked about in this post.

The YouTube button takes me to a seemingly abandoned channel with a couple of random videos from a couple of years ago, the channel header is still the default drab grey graphic.

All these buttons do is get me OFF your site and onto somewhere I can watch pictures of skateboarding elephants and other people’s weddings to my hearts content.

funky thinkers funky thinkers

Conventional social media training says you need to “be everywhere.” Well, a) that’s garbage and b) with dozens and dozens of social platforms, that’s really tricky at best and at worst impossible.

website voyeur banner funky thinkersfunky thinkers

Each social media platform has it’s own nuances and audience demographics if you like. Your job is to work out which one suits you and your content and concentrate your efforts there. I worked out that YouTube was the best way of showing my straight talking direct style and concentrated my efforts their. I abandoned LinkedIn as it was getting too much like Facebook.

funky thinkers funky thinkers

Oh and by the way – have you noticed who makes money regardless out of social media training? That’s right – the people doing the training. Being on every platform means you put yourself into a conveyor belt of endless tips and tricks and insider secrets and other nonsense).

urban dictionary quote funky thinkers

Top tips if you are really going to ignore all the above.

Make sure you pay attention to your profile picture. If you really must send business colleagues or customers to your Facebook profile, be sure to think about the impression a picture with you wearing a silly hat gives. What you need to be thinking instead is how to delete your Facebook profile.

Look at the “View my profile as others see it” feature. In fact have a good session on the whole of the privacy settings. You might be quite alarmed what other people can see about you.

Finally, maybe, just maybe, you could unfriend someone. (Or at least unfollow them). There is no law that says you must be friends. Nothing will happen. Trust me, I have done this and most of the time, they don’t even notice.

But what happens if they want to tell you something important? 

Well guess what – we have a invention that predates even Facebook and it’s called the telephone. Heck, you go even go round to their house and tell them face to face.

(By the way – there is no tip number two. This is because, there are only two rules in life, the first is never to divulge all your secrets….)

Jack Wong

#FunkyThinkers – Jack Wong

#FunkyThinkers - Jack Wong

Jack Wong jack wong
Jack Wong jack wong

Jack Wong - Singapore

Jack HM Wong is the author of Amazon bestselling book Cracking the Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips to Build the Business You Always Wanted. He has been featured on CBS News, Fox, ABC News and NBC News. His mission is to improve the quality of lives of over 1 million people worldwide. His message to people who are stuck in the rat race is straightforward - "Anyone can start Any Business, Anyhow, Anywhere and Anytime".

Formerly an Associate Director in an international accounting firm and a tax attorney in an international law firm for 17 years, Jack has substantial experience in dealing with people and systems issues in the corporate world.

Over the last 7 years as a serial entrepreneur and a business strategist, Jack has already assisted over 500 entrepreneurs in businesses of not more than 3 years and other experts (e.g. authors, coaches, speakers and trainers) who struggle with getting more clients and having the fear of rejection and objections to get their business breakthrough so that they can

" get in front of the right clients finally to sell their products or services using powerful sales presentation and facilitation techniques.

" regain the confidence and clarity they need to succeed in this game by knowing how to overcome probably the Number 1 public enemy to them.

" turn the "No"s into "Yes"s easily and comfortably, and even use them in their advantage to get more qualified clients and improve their sales performance.

Jack HM Wong is the author of Amazon bestselling book Cracking the Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips to Build the Business You Always Wanted. His message to people who are stuck in the rat race is straightforward - "Anyone can start Any Business, Anyhow, Anywhere and Anytime"

funky thinkers guide to time management jack wongjack wong
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