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Sasha Laghnoh

#FunkyThinkers – If you paid top price for something – would you force yourself to enjoy it? (It’s camel milk…)

#FunkyThinkers - If you paid top price for something - would you force yourself to enjoy it? (It's camel milk...)

Sasha Laghonh sasha laghonh
Sasha Laghnoh sasha laghonh

Sasha Laghonh -

Sasha Laghonh has played tennis with five people at the same time. Yes really. Well verbally anyways.

One thing that is pretty unique to funky thinkers - or at least people tell me it is - is that each episode is a conversation.

OK - each speaker gets the opportunity to see the questions in advance. Curiously some don't take up this option. Can you tell when you are listening?

But imagine going into a room with FIVE people - all prepared to ask you the most awkward difficult and tricky questions.

That what Sasha did. And loved it. 

Maybe I need to up my game? Maybe I am too soft...

We discussed online "fake" news and the mesmeric hold it has over people. (Driven by social media).

Sasha would go back to work in the White House - in the Kennedy era. Cool or what?

Vanessa Carlton or Catherine Zeta Jones would play Sasha in a film.

sasha laghonhsasha laghonh
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1 Ronan Lennon

#FunkyThinkers – Do you curate your own content

#FunkyThinkers - Do you curate your own content? Ronan Leonard does...

ronan leonard ronan leonard
Ronan Lennon ronan leonard

Ronan Leonard - Once worked on a cruise ship...

In answer to my question, why do people fail to show up or keep an appointment, Ronan's answer was that they have trouble following through. Could be an issue with self confidence, anything. 

It blew my theory that they are just flaky out of the water...

We talked about people being "sheeple" and just drifting through life.

Ronan curates his own content. That is, instead of say watching the news, which, regardless of what channel you subscribe to, is someone else's view of what is important.

How much better to chose what goes into your head yourself? Much smarter...

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ronan leonardronan leonard
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ben dell

#FunkyThinkers – Must you experience a problem first…BEFORE solving it?

#FunkyThinkers - Ben Dell

Ben Dell ben dell
ben dell ben dell

Ben Dell - From England - woop woop

Ben Dell (we are in a unique club-  Ben vs Benjamin and Jon vs Jonathan) is something of a rarity for the show. 

For some reason, most guests seem to be from the US or Canada with the odd one from Australia or New Zealand. 

We discussed the skill of talking to strangers. (Crops up quite often).

Practicing your pitch for investment. (Most people probably don't do this - verbalise why someone should give you money).

Ben would love to go to Victorian London and Bruce Willis would play him in a film.

You can contact Ben via his twitter or via

ben Dell ben dell

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ben dellben dell
1 Gila Nehemia

#FunkyThinkers – Gila Nehemia

#FunkyThinkers - Gila Nehemia

Gila Nehemia gila nehemia
Gila Nehemia gila nehemia

Gila Nehemia - Israel

Gila Nehemia is a qualified writer, coach, and wise woman. She’s passionate about empowering people to experience a Sacred Erotic Divine Love partnership through following your heart and mindful daily practices. She believes that conscious eros partnerships shift the paradigm of love in all interpersonal relationships. It is this paradigm shift that can raise the consciousness of humanity to revere love not fear.

As a Shamanic healer, Gila loves nature and utilizes its inherent healing properties to heal herself and her loved ones. She holds Sacred Circles for women to provide support and divine transmission. She believes we’re all on this earth to help each other grow and to radiate our light and love onto the world.

You can contact Gila via her website.

Plus download a free introductory pdf on this link

You should also listen to Madeleine Black and Laura Di Franco for more thoughts from a woman's perspective,

gila nehemiagila nehemia
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is it ok to not got 100%

Its ok not to go full gas.

is it ok to not got 100% its ok not to go full gas.

We live in a world where effort equals outcome.

We have technology, tools and labour saving devices which were unthinkable a few years ago, but we are working harder than ever.

In a recent funky thinkers episode, I remarked that I had heard someone say that if you enjoy your work, you aren't working hard enough.

What a stupid thing to say.

So what to do?

What to do when either you are the business or you are a major part of making it do what you want it to do?

Well the first thing is systems and processes. That is outside the scope of this vlog.

The second is that we need to recognise when we aren't 100% or ready to go full gas.

And do something else...

It could be that this is a major shift for you - and more likely the people who are around you.

Staring out of the window or doing something easy is a good way to get tagged as someone who is bunking off.

By the way - one common spot - that it is time to do something else, is if you notice yourself drifting around social media - or wikipedia or something else with a large number of pages to flick around. You are looking for something to fill the time but you justify it to yourself that it is "research."

Much better to remove yourself from the work environment and do something else.


Get a drink of water, do some stretching, eat, have sex. Anything will be better than the slow lingering feeling that you are wasting time,

Just so long as when you know you are feeling better you are back on it. Full gas. 100% no issues.

If these words and vlog help - get the funky thinkers guide to time management. - Click on the banner below.

Get the funky thinkers guide to time management below.

funky thinkers guide to time management its ok not to go full gas.its ok not to go full gas.
Divya Parekh

#FunkyThinkers – Divya Parekh

#FunkyThinkers  - Divya Parekh

Divya Parekh divya parekh
Divya Parekh divya parekh

Divya Parekh 

In this episode with Divya Parekh, we discuss where we come from, who we are and silence.

Silence as in the absence of noise (which is what I referred to) and the self talk to which we all succumb (to which Divya referred).

We talked about broadcasting "unplugged" and how her audience raved at it.

Gossip on TV made an appearance (comes under the heading of noise - right?) as well as the freedom of  association - as in who we hang around with.

I also mentioned a BBC program from a few years ago where James May did a series on man on the moon and space and all that.

I have locked but I can't find the end of the series (On YouTube) which features the homecoming parade of the moon landing astronauts.

He closes by saying that the Apollo astronauts saw the earth for what it was - a speck of dust left over from the big bang. There is a link to  a BBC playlist at the end of the post. If you are interested in this stuff - have a poke around. If you find the last episode - let me know. 

Contact Divya via

James May looks a bit scary - but this series is a great watch - it puts the world into perspective.

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funky thinkers divya parekhdivya parekh
How to disrespect your email audience

How to disrespect your email audience

How to disrespect your email audience

When people talk about sending email - they will use words like "list" and "database" quite often forgetting that it is an actual human who will open the message,  read it and do something approaching what the sender asks them to do.

I have lost track of the people who preach on and on about "being social" and "how to be authentic" and then resort to sending unsolicited email along the lines of "WHY HAVEN'T YOU BOUGHT MY HOW TO BE SOCIAL TRAINING YET?"

How many books do you need to read (or write) telling you not to be an idiot online.

But I digress - this video is about your email audience, what you ask people to do and why following along with templated email - like the connect on LinkedIn button in this case is such a bad this.

banner ad how to disrespect your email audiencehow to disrespect your email audience
1 Laura di Franco

#FunkyThinkers – Laura Di Franco

#FunkyThinkers - Laura Di Franco

Laura di franco laura di franco
laura di franco

Laura Di Franco - Poet, Author, Coach. Funky Thinker

Laura was still buzzing from an open mic night when we recorded this.

So I am not quite sure if her answers would be the same if she was "sober."

We talked about that moment of insanity (again) when you have been putting something off and procrastinating and you finally commit to doing it. You go through the moment of insanity.

Walking in the woods and getting in touch with nature.

Interestingly, Laura wouldn't go back in history in her imaginary time machine.

"We can learn so much from ourselves if we just connect with the body and listen to those messages...." <<< Funky Thinking...

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Laura’s new book is coming out June 1st - you can find it here:

Jesse Cole

#FunkyThinkers – Jesse Cole

#FunkyThinkers - Jesse Cole

Jesse Cole jesse cole
Jesse Cole jesse cole

Jesse Cole - Funky thinker from Georgia

Jesse  Cole owns a baseball team. Yes really.

We talked about impatience, both in ourselves and in our customers and clients and the world at large.

North American people - If you think baseball is slow - you ain't seen nothing until you have seen cricket.

We talk about the IPL - Indian Premier league - video below and how they are a real life fantasy league owned by television.

We talk about Walt Disney, PT Barnum (the circus guy and thinking about it - as his wikipedia page says he was "promoting hoaxes" - probably the godfather of fake news. See - nothing is new...

Jesse's book is called "Find your yellow tux" and the pop up on his website could have been stolen from the funky thinkers play book. If you have trouble reading it - it says "Whatever is normal - do the exact opposite..."

jesse cole

Get Jesse Cole's book - "Find your yellow tux" by clicking on the cover below.

jesse colejesse cole

A flavour of the IPL is below - Not sure if this is the official video. It looks like it.

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