addicted to the news

I am ADDICTED to the news on social media…

In days gone by - the news was what happened in the world. Plane crash, earthquake, England lose at football etc. This is NEWS.

Over time and due to firstly the 24 hour news channels and secondly the internet, now the news is what people in the news talk about, think and do. 

This creates a hypnotic effect. And what's the first goal of TV? To keep you watching right...

So - mission accomplished​

Ask yourself - Do YOU have the time to wade through all these comments? No I thought not.

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What you can learn from the porn parody

What you can learn from the parody genre

When I started looking at the basic concepts of Pornographic Marketing, people told me not to be so silly. Nobody in their right minds looks at porn. I would be wasting my time.  But first, if you don't know what a parody is, then take a moment to read this helpful clip that I took from the first page of google.

porn parody

So far so good.

It actually staggered me a little bit that virtually every TV show, film, politician, game show you can possibly think of have their own porn parody. Some examples are below.

trump porn parody
porn parody
porn parody

Trump is an obvious target - but look how he plays up to the dominant male and the ever enthusiastic secretary looking eager and willing to please. Plays up to the worst stereotypes of men, women and sex possible - but that's another post.

Don't believe me - type "porn parody" into google images - the results will go on forever.

If you still need it spelling out - a porn parody is a film where little else happens - save for the cast having sex in the style of the mainstream media, personality or genre featured on the cover.

porn parodies

How do porn parodies help us as business owners?

Well - it is very simple. Porn parodies aren't made just for the sake of it. These are effectively feature films with all the costs that they entail. They are made with an audience in mind. The producers will already have established distribution channels, databases of people with credit cards ready to be swiped.

But - remember - everyone told me that nobody watches porn. So guess what. They were lying.

What people do and what people say they do are a million years apart.

If you are doing "SURVEYS" then you are FLAT OUT WASTING YOUR TIME. Remember - nobody watches porn. (Except there is a multi billion dollar industry built on it...)

You will have noticed that the Charlie's angels porn parody features Sunny Leone. She was instrumental in the development of the Pornographic Marketing principles. Find out more below.

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1 pornography addiction

Pornography addiction – Socially acceptable?

Is pornography addiction socially acceptable?

I ask this because an interesting thing struck me while watching a TV ad.

The ad was for some kind of upset stomach/indigestion type thing.
A magic cure for people who like to eat and drink a lot.
The main characters of the ads were salt of the earth type guys out for a meal.
One of them got some kind of unspecific "bloated feeling."
A quick 'excuse me' and out he steps, to pop a few of these magic pills and within no time, he is back in the game, back slapping and roaring with laughter in the 'good old boys' network.

Now, here is the thing, I rarely have to take tablets for an upset stomach and I never carry them around with my keys, wallet and phone as though they were essential. As someone who can see through all the macho nonsense in TV ads, this advertisement was saying something different to me; It was saying that it is socially acceptable to eat and drink too much.

Virtually everyone you know has been to an 'all you can eat or drink' restaurant or on an all inclusive holiday made themselves ill and joked about it afterwards.

It  really is socially acceptable, to eat and drink so much that you have to take something artificial (tablets or pills or liquid or gel or whatever other junk they can dream up) so you can go back and eat and drink some more.

Watching that ad on TV was not the only thing that has struck me lately. How socially acceptable - even desirable - is Gambling (taking risks to secure greater results).

The industry has changed since I was a bookmakers clerk. Way back when.

Not so long ago restrictions were placed on alcohol (drunkenness and fighting) unacceptable in a civilised society and tobacco companies (smoking kills - we all want to be healthy) sponsoring various things in sport, so online betting companies have taken their place and now sponsor everything from football clubs to programs on TV.

As I walk past my local high street bookmakers office (I have never downloaded an app so I wouldn't know) virtually all adverts with gambling products are endorsed by pundits and celebrities from TV.

These things are accompanied by links to gamble aware and end with, When the fun stops. Stop. and all that boring stuff that the head of year used to tell you in assembly at school. Yeah, but everywhere still seems to be telling me that it is OK. (The lottery, Bingo, horse racing). 

Where's the harm. Don't worry, even if you do get in too deep - gamble aware advertises on TV.

This ad is on MAINSTREAM TV...

Watching popular music and the videos which accompany are next on the list of things that are socially acceptable to do.

Mainstream TV (freeview) has several channels of music and videos filled with gyrating women (and men) wearing very little clothing and leaving very little to the imagination. 

Watching this is socially acceptable for men, women, boys and girls of all ages.

pornography addiction

Go to a wedding and their will be similar amounts of bare arms and shoulders on show.

So, with all these things being socially accepted by nations, communities and families, are we becoming immune to things that were once thought of as dangerous.

One thing though that will NEVER be advertised on TV or be cool or blokeish to talk about is pornography addiction. As a result, there is an ongoing battle for what is acceptable and what is not.

People don't like to talk about it constructively. See the chart below and notice who gets more searches.

pornography addiction

What does all this mean and why should you care?

If you are a business owner, there is a LOT to learn from an industry that makes three times more money than google, apple and facebook PUT TOGETHER. It's an industry which people are reluctant to talk about. It is an industry which is one of the most competitive out there. If you want secrets and techniques from the adult industry - click the banner below.

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porn stars without makeup

Porn stars without makeup

Why would someone type into google "Porn stars without makeup"?

Firstly, you should already know that - although they aren't generally discussed in polite company, porn stars are the most recognised people on the internet.

The voyeurism tells us a lot about both the porn star and the psychology of the person doing the searching.

In the last few years, the relationship between "celebrity" and "fan" these days has been a pretty odd one. Athletes (from all sports) appear from a tunnel under the pitch, perform (play the game) and then retreat back into the same box. Only now that tools like twitter and instagram are common can we get inside the head of the performer and find out what they think. (This in itself creates news and feeds the whole endless news cycle). What a footballer tweets is now entertainment...

There are two things virtually guaranteed to get people interested. The first, as demonstrated by Mario Balotelli (via his twitter meltdown) is a good old fashioned strop.

The second, as evidenced by every single reality TV show having a behind the scenes spin off running parallel is the chance to show people behind the scenes. What happens when the camera stops rolling.

Which brings us to the psychology of wanting to look at porn stars without make up. It the sense of that human urge to see what is behind what the rest of the public sees. We are hard wired to want to know more. To look at things and do things we shouldn't. To open the box and look inside.  This dates right the way back to Adam and Eve.

What does this tell us about the performer?

Makes no difference if you are a footballer or have sex on camera for a living.  All life is an act. It's a performance.

All those people who say they are just being themselves. It's an act... (There is a sub genre of porn by the way called girl next door).

Here are some pictures of porn stars without make up. As you can see, people really are interested.

porn stars without makeup

Do you have an act for your business?

Under what circumstances do you allow people to get behind or inside it?

If this has got you thinking - that maybe - just maybe - there may be more to all this than meets the eye, click the banner below to find out more about pornographic marketing.

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impotency of featured plug ins

The impotency of featured post plugins

impotency of post plugins

If you were to ask the average small business owner whose website they look to for design ideas and "inspiration" (whatever that means) almost all of them would look at you a bit blank and finally, they would say something along the lines of it's all common sense.

You see, no, it isn't and I assume that by common sense, they look at the large players in their industries and copy what they do.

That's a bad idea...

They (the large players) probably have money to burn, don't really care what people think, have a shocking reputation online and if they need more customers, they just run a TV ad. Is that what you want to aspire to?

Do you live in that world anyway? (A world of unlimited money and time... No thought not).Let's take those featured post plugins for instance. The things that spin around a series of images. Hoping to entice someone to click.

For the DIY webdesigner it is a shiny object to play with and for the small web design agency, it is something with moving parts to show the client. Loads of different settings and widgets to play with. Plus you can charge a management fee for changing images round. Cool eh?

Unfortunately, though, it is letting the software design the look and feel of your site. (Usually the homepage but not always). Letting the software take the decisions is always a bad idea.

It leaves the presentation of the message in someone else's hands. This should always be in the hands of the business owner.

Much better to focus on ONE clear image and message and let the user decide if they want to learn more.

Watch the video

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the human split test

The human split test

The human split test or which of these children will draw the best pictures?

The answer is that, generally speaking, assuming they are siblings,  it will be about the same. I mean one of them *could* conceivably be a young Picasso and the other one not know which end of the pencil to hold to make a mark on the paper, but it is unlikely. 

Take a similar scenario for the average small business. The "gig economy" is the latest thing that politicians and all types of wannabes have found out about. This is because it is sneaking up on conventional thinking. It is disruptive. Are zero hours contracts the latest tool for big bad corporations to exploit workers or something for people who want a lifestyle job the flexibility to work when they want to and go night clubbing when they want to also.

But I digress slightly.

Most normalite training courses talk about sites like fiverr in a slightly odd way. Kind of like the school kid who has just discovered a legal way to get an extra packet of sweets. 

Yes -You really can get stuff done for $5... and isn't this fab...

Err no. It's a good way to waste money quickly. Most of the stuff on there is very poor quality.

Why is this?  

Well the good guys and girls on there probably don't know you. Probably don't know the workings of your business and care even less. If they are from developing countries, they have more pressing problems. Like food for their family TODAY.

One thing you can do is to get several pieces of work done and then pick the best one.

Think about it this way. If you got a picture from one of the children pictured and another picture from a child at the other side of the world. NOW you would get a reasonable choice of getting the best picture rather than choosing two mediocre ones.

With Fiverr you can do exactly this.

Instead of the dopamine hit when you send your $5 and the deflation when what comes back is dismal, you can have real power at your finger tips.

What's all this got to do with pornographic marketing?

You should know that split testing, (like so many other things we take for granted in marketing these days had it's origins in pornography.

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how to make your ads stand out

How to make your ads stand out

If you look at the ad of a typical small business what do you see? Typically, you will see the name of the business as the top line. (Think of an A5 flier posted at a convenience store notice board).

It will say how long they have been in business, how they offer a discount for pensioners, how they offer free quotes and that no job is too small. Sound familiar? 

They are doing a good job of blending in with everyone else.​

Let's look at how this advertiser on pornhub does it.  Pornhub is the YouTube of porn. Like YouTube, it tries to seduce you with a combination of what you have watched previously, stuff similar to what you have watched previously, material from people you have subscribed to and what it popular in your country at the moment.

See all the videos thumbnails lined up. They are the equivalent of the adverts on the chip shop wall. You are going to pick one - so pick any one. 

On the right hand side is an animated gif. Animated gifs are actually an image file but they are animated. So they play like a short repeating video clip.

What is the result of this?

In a sea of static ads - ONE stands out just by being slightly different...

How can you make your ads different?​


M is for Mastermind


Picture the scene if you would - you (or anyone) goes to the local networking club. (More on this tomorrow). And you ask for advice. Let's be honest and say that most people go to these type of events to sell rather than anything else - despite what they say.

Do you think, for one minute that the advice is going to be anything other than biased?

Is someone you meet for an hour every couple of weeks over a cup of lukewarm coffee going to understand the details of what you are trying to do?

Are they the correct person to be giving advice? Remember, everyone likes to give advice, no-one particularly likes to take it.

One story about mastermind springs to mind. At a mastermind group I was once a member of, one of the members was about to have his house repossessed for non payment of mortgage. Repossessed as in, men come round and change the locks saying firmly "You don't live here anymore..."

Where to go for advice? The networking club. Saying to someone in confidence in small-town ville that you have personal financial troubles is virtually the same as putting it on the front page of the daily mail.

The ONLY place this person could go, for honest, practical, non judgemental advice was his mastermind group.

Practical advice as in, what to do now - rather than raking over what had happened for some kind of morbid entertainment as is often the case now.

I should say, that joining a mastermind is the single biggest step you can take to start to take control of your life and your business.

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