Porn star social media tip

Porn star social media tip

Porn star social media tip - Gathered from hours of painful research

Most  every normalite social media training talks about getting people to follow you. And that's great. How else are you going to pass on your propaganda and other tittle tattle. (To my American readers, I sometimes don't know what slang you use - but tittle tattle means idle and pointless gossip).

No followers - No spreading of message and sunny uplands that accompany it.

But how to get followers on social media?

Well, ask yourself this?

Where do my followers hang out? Online.

Facebook - Instagram - Some oddball (sorry Industry specific) forum? - LinkedIn.


And to get them FROM THERE onto your website could require a good degree of heavy lifting as people are, on the whole, quite lazy.

SO WHY then, do people insist on suffocating their website with follow me badges, tweet streams and other pollution. If I want to read your tweets, I can do that on twitter.

Listen, you only have so much usable space on your website. It would be a much better use of it to put a banner ad for one of your services. You know - to try and keep them on your site a bit longer. (Bounce rate and all that). 

A tweet stream widget - which is easy to get - will bounce them back to twitter where all kinds of other stuff - like #porn awaits them.

Oh and why do you think that social media companies make it so easy to embed their site on yours? 

The porn star social media tip is taken from a series of mini website voyeur videos that I did on porn star sites. You can (and should) watch the series. Here is the link.

The pornographic social media sign up page is here.

National curry week

National Curry week

National curry week (or national anything else week) is an interesting way to make people do something that they wouldn’t usually do. In this case, it is buy, make or eat curry. (Nice).

But what can you do – to disarm (ethically) people into doing something different, buying something different?

Tanya tate

Tanya Tate – How to sell product and have a blog

Tanya Tate is a British porn star

She sells product (recurring membership, physical and digital products via (use caution as graphical content on display).

How does the site rank with my website voyeur success factors?

Well, Tanya didn’t ask me to do this video (and hasn’t paid – neither have I paid her) so it would be wrong to layout the full confidentiality of what I think.

Here are some thoughts though.

Tanya Tate has a very high profile in the adult community so the question is not one of “profile raising” or “getting your name out there” more of monetisation of the name and image rights to the maximum ethically possible.

Check this twitter shot from @tanyatate

Tanya Tate

You will need to watch the video to get the full picture but here are a few points.

The Tanya Tate site is probably the best example of a personality site. (Note I make no comment on what is being sold. The principles are the same for selling virtually any product, service or treatment).

On the home page, there are multiple photographs of Tanya looking directly at the camera. (Everyone says that but in reality, she is looking eye ball to eyeball at the customer).

How many pictures do you have where you are looking straight at the customer?

Next,  there is a long main menu. (Maybe too long) But virtually everything is a link to a page that is selling something. Private snapchat, video, product. All good.

The Tanya Tate store is interesting.

It is located on a sub domain – could even by an entirely different domain.

Because it sells physically shipped products, it lends itself to a sub domain. (Which you could give admin rights to someone – just for this).

I like this bolt off and on approach. Although it will need careful planning – to avoid dead links and 404 pages, it allows you to bolt on new services, or remove ones that are no longer profitable.

You could use a different payment processor for instance and ward off the risk of an accountant getting too enthusiastic with your takings.

To be even smarter, you could run like the cross channel ferries for instance, where each one is it’s own independent business unit.

Running a blog on a sales site.

The site also features a blog. This is a great way to get over gripes and grumbles that are longer and more important than would fit in a tweet. Tanya does a good job of pointing out something that irks her – importantly, on her terms, pitch, tent, whatever you want to call it.

For more thoughts on Tanya Tate – watch the video below.


tanya tate
Internet safety advice

Internet safety advice

Internet safety advice is something that everyone loves to give out. Or rather it’s good glossy brochure material to be seen giving advice. It is one of those things that has become a free pen and mouse mat-athon. It’s good PR.

See asking for advice is easy. It allows the asker to offload responsibility. Giving advice is what most people like to do.

Plus it seems that every week, some large corporation or another gets hacked. If they can’t practice cyber safety with all the boffins they employ, what chance does the average punter have with a tablet they bought down at the local supermarket?

I have spoke about advice previously. Where to get free advice and too much advice strangles the majority. So you should have a look at those first.

There is a video below with a website voyeur about a typical internet safety advice campaigning website.

Internet safety has been in the news recently so lets have a look round at what the usual suspects are saying. government also wants to see online safety given more attention at schools, with social-media safety advice built into existing education programmes. The consultation will close on 7 December, and the government expects to respond in early 2018.UKTN Facebook and Twitter could face ‘online abuse levy’ – BBC News“The internet has been an amazing force for good … The government also wants to see online safety given more attention at schools, with social-media safety advice built into existing education programmes. The consultation will close on 7 December … Facebook and Twitter could face ‘online abuse’ tax

Online safety is a tricky thing to illustrate without being dark. You will see this stock image repeated a few times therefore.

You can find some tips and strategies on the Internet Matters website. However, it is important to remember that all families are unique and operate in different ways. When your child visits a friend or stays over for a sleepover, you are trusting them … How to tackle the complex problem of e-safety with parents – TES News

The age old problem of sleepover safety gets with the 21st century.

The culture secretary, Karen Bradley, has this morning outlined a voluntary code of practice which aims to make internet giants undo some of the “undeniable suffering” that the internet can cause. As part of the plan, web giants will be asked to pay … British government wants internet giants to pay for societal damage – Alphr

“Societal damage” – that’s a new buzzword for us to use…

Culture Secretary, Karen Bradley, announced the new internet standards to better protect young people online, making social media sites fully responsible for any content published on their website. If sites are in breach of the new standards, the … Facebook, Twitter face government tax with new Internet Safety Strategy – Computer Business Review

To the uninitiated, the internet can feel like a scary place – and to some extent, it is. About four new malicious software programs are created per second according to figures collated by IT security analysts AV-TEST. The stats might sound daunting, but … Stay safe online: Top 10 internet safety tips

This internet safety advice is good but they require at least medium to advanced tech knowledge.

Internet safety advice czar Karen Bradley

Facebook and Google could be forced to uphold the same standards as newspapers and other publications as part of a Government crackdown, it has emerged.

Ministers are looking at whether to classify social media giants as publications instead of communication platforms, which would bind them to strict rules and make them responsible for everything they host.

New plans revealed by Karen Bradley also include compulsory internet safety lessons to teach children about the dangers of posting naked photos or sending them to people they meet online.

The measures are part of a crackdown on internet giants amid fears young people are increasingly at risk when using the internet.

Compulsory internet education is a great thing. Note the double use of the inflammatory word crackdown.


how to get fit

How to get fit

How to get fit: Learning from the real world.

If you go to any public leisure facility this time of year and they will most likely be very quiet.

We are in that - back to school bedded in period and before the start of the run up to the silly season.

Fast forward to the start of January and you will see a different story. People will realise it is time to get fit. And so, for a few weeks at least, sports centres will be bulging.

Why this sudden rush to get fit?

People (the masses) see getting fit as an outcome rather than a process.

What do I mean by this?

Well in all your efforts of figuring out "how to get fit" - never will you wake up with a sign next to your bed that says "You are fit."  It is a destination you will never reach because you haven't defined it.

How to get fit for say martial arts is very different from say how to get fit for swimming or as I mention in the video, kids football.

Just the same as your business.

If you haven't defined the outcome - what you want. Anyway - watch the video and see what you think.

Capri Cavanni

Capri Cavanni

Capri Cavanni points out the blindingly obvious...

Question for you: How easy is it for people to get to your shopping cart?

When somebody is on your site, how many (or how few) steps must they take to land and something they want before they give you money. Watch the video below to find out Capri Cavanni has a super cool way of doing just that.

If your site isn't as slick as that - no need to worry. Personally I think that they amazon product screens are cluttered and awful but it works for them so who I am to say. 

They are Amazon, not Billy Bob whatsit name like me and you. So we have to go with more established principles of leading people by the hand. Or rather pointing them directly to the shopping cart virtually as soon as they do anything on the site.

Which brings me to another Capri Cavanni tip. 

(Actually it goes for many of the mini website voyeurs in this series). If you haven't watched them all - you should.

That is - to avoid festooning your site with follow me banners and badges.

The place to get followers on social media - is on social media. Tweet or post cool stuff with the right hashtags and people will find you. No use enticing them to your site only to bounce them straight back to skateboarding dogs and boy band tributes.

Next point is about bonuses. You can (and should) assume that people will make snap decisions based on if they are going to buy your thing. If you can offer a bonus (free chips when you buy any fish for instance) then they are more likely to think they are getting a bargain.

Capri Cavanni does something super smart - again you will have to watch the video for the full effect - but put simply, she avoids revealing all the bonus items immediately. This has the effect of making the person who was half way thinking about it - more likely to buy.

Final point - And this is something that could be improved. If you have a video telling people what to do - great. But at then end - make sure they know EXACTLY what to do. Watch TV infomercials and shopping channels for tips.

Hint: At the end of the pitch, do they repeat out their main channel url? 

No - of course not. They give you strict SPECIFIC instructions for what to do to order. And so should you. This is the one public suggestion I would make to the Capri Cavanni site.
capri cavanni
stereotypes in adverts

Stereotypes in adverts

Does TV lead or follow mainstream opinion? And is TV the same as the internet nowadays with all the catch up services and on demand video?

They are tricky questions.

One place to start observing this is in adverts. What are large corporations spending money on?

Here is the google image shot for the phrase ITV2 shows. What level and demographic are they pitched at?

itv2 shows
dani daniels

Dani Daniels – Who says personal sites can’t be quirky & oddball?

Porn star Dani Daniels shows you how to sell product via a personality.

Here is the thing: All those normalite training course that everyone goes on. You know, the ones with the happy clappy "motivational speakers?"

The ones that bang on about "getting a personality" - And you come home and think - If only I could deliver my material like them. I would be OK. My life would be as great as theirs obviously is.

But you aren't them. And wishing or trying to be someone else is generally a bad idea.

I guess you don't want to be a porn star. (Maybe you do...) I assume that you ARE trying to sell some kind of product from a website. Makes no difference if you are a porn star like Dani Daniels or sell organic yogurt or whatever. The principles are the same.

Dani Daniels shows us some ideas of how to sell your product using a personality based approach.

Let's look at some of the things shows us...

In no particular order - watch the video for context.

Have a banner ad (preferably for your product) top dead centre of your site.  Forget logos and follow me on instagram and all that nonsense. Two main reasons you want somebody on your site is to either get a sale - preferred, or to get an email address.

That's it. If you want people to follow you. Tweet cool stuff and they will find it. No point wasting web site real estate on some one else's logo.

If people can only get your stuff on your site, tell them so. We are sliding towards a world of commoditisation. That is, people are being slowly but surely conditioned to get everything they need from the supermarkets, Amazon and Ebay. If you have something that people can ONLY GET FROM YOU. (Like pornographic marketing 😉 - Then tell them about it. Dani Daniels does this. 

Obviously, the longer you sign up for - the cheaper it gets. Standard. Are you doing this? Or have plans to? 

Thought not.

Like all these website voyeur posts, there is no "one size fits all." No copy and paste formula. If anyone offers you one of these. Keep your hands in your pocket (preferable holding your wallet), your back to the wall (so they can't stab you in it) and your mouth closed. (So you can't be misquoted later on). 

In short - it doesn't exist. 

Instead, this is a slow, painful, difficult process. Dani Daniels offers us some ideas but that is all they are.

Dani daniels
Naughty America

Naughty America – Does anybody do it better?

Naughty America is a pornographic film production and distribution company. They produce and distribute material via subscription on their dedicated site.

As a production company, they will obviously have large ongoing and fixed costs. That is things they have to pay for regardless of how many films they sell. These include staffing costs, technical equipment that they may own or hire and support staff.

Fixed costs have the power to derail any business. So it is important that the website selling the product is good.

Let's see if it is...

What can Naughty America teach us about marketing then?

The strap line - "Nobody does it better..." Compare this with most small business owners.

Free quotes - Discount for pensioners - In business xyz blah blah years - Boring - Things - That - Mean - Nothing.

Note that the "Nobody does it better" could apply to anything.

How Naughty America uses popups in a cute way.

Naughty America uses what I would call a "fake popup" on - You will need to watch the video to see what I mean. How can you use popups in a creative way ?

How can you either disarm people or draw their attention to something on the screen?

 What can you do that is different to the dorky "Get newsletter" that everyone else does. (I bet you get a grand total of ZERO sign ups also).

Photos of your product

I would say that the Naughty America site featured the most graphical content of all the sites so far in the website voyeur series. The moral is - don't be afraid of featuring your product as much and as often as you possibly can. Invest in high quality pictures of yourself and your staff. Spend money on high quality stock photos. Naughty America show we live in a graphical world. Step into it.

Naughty America
hugh hefner

Hugh Hefner – What he can teach small business owners

Hugh HefnerHugh Hefner died overnight and in this round up post, I link to various sources with more information plus add a commentary in bold where items are applicable to pornographic marketing.

Hugh Hefner created a fantasy world for millions of men but unlike most of his readers, actually got to live the dream. He successfully tapped into a new generation of Americans who were enjoying rising standards of living in the boom years of the 1950s … Obituary: Hugh Hefner

Here is the thing. He tapped into a new generation. He saw an emerging market and exploited it ruthlessly.

This interview was first published in 2009. Hugh Hefner has now died, at the age of 91. It’s easy to forget that, in his day, Hugh Hefner was something of a visionary. The laconic 82 year-old, best known these days for lounging around his luxurious … Hugh Hefner interview: ‘Playboy was not a sex magazine, as far as I was concerned’

One of the earliest exponents of costuming – Hugh Hefner was often photographed with the captains hat on. What are the two things that this subconsciously says?

I am the captain. (By definition – there can only be one).

Makes no difference if it is authentic or not. People are conditioned to bow to authority. Think of the last person you saw wearing a hi-vis vest.

 Captains of boats or ships or whatever you want to call them generally have money and lots of it. (Probably boats because it sounds posher but you can correct me in the comments).

Another shot with the captain’s hat, pipe and silk dressing gown. Effortlessly saying. I am in charge and I am cool. (This was in the days when pipes were cool…)

However, others described Hefner as a lecherous pornographer who launched has magazine with a naked centerfold of Marilyn Monroe, taken years earlier and bought for $500. The Playboy mansion also saw a pyjama-clad Hefner attended to by a posse of young women. Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine, dies at 91 – The Guardian

So he was an opportunist then? This is capitalism defined. Having the luck and skill to buy something when it is cheap and sell it either for more money or even better as in this case, to multiple people at the same time. (Via Playboy magazine).

Hefner was arrested in 1963 and charged with selling obscene literature after publishing nude photos of actress Jayne Mansfield. The charges were dropped after a jury was unable to reach a verdict, but the experience led Hefner to launch the Playboy … Hugh Hefner, Founder Of Playboy, Dead At 91 – HuffPost UK

One of the earliest exponents of controversy then? Controversy – manufactured or real has worked well since then for The Sex Pistols, Oasis and virtually every reality TV show ever.

After news of Hugh Hefner’s passing at age 91, the Playboy founder’s lifestyle will always be remembered as anything far from normal. The first issue of Playboy gained notoriety after it featured a nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe in 1953, and in that … The life and times of Hugh Hefner – Yahoo7 Be

He passed away at his home in Los Angeles, the Playboy Mansion, due to natural causes. Hefner is survived by his wife Crystal, and four grown children, Christie, David, Marston and Cooper, who currently serves as chief creative officer at the company. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies at the age of 91 – Washington Examiner

See what his son it titled – “Chief Creative Officer” – The “build it and they will come” myth has been busted in the adult industry just the same as it has everywhere else.

Playboy founder Hugh M. Hefner, the pipe-smoking hedonist who revved up the sexual revolution in the 1950s and built a multimedia empire of clubs, mansions, movies and television, symbolized by bow-tied women in bunny costumes, has died at age 91.Atlanta Journal Constitution Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies at 91 – The Globe and Mail

Whatever you think of the content of his material – the phrase “built an empire” indicates that he found sufficient people with money (always an advantage…) and found a way to mass produce enough of it to generate a nice profit.

Not sure if he was the originator of this phrase but it is sure a good mantra to live by.

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