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Question for you: How easy is it for people to get to your shopping cart?

When somebody is on your site, how many (or how few) steps must they take to land and something they want before they give you money. Watch the video below to find out Capri Cavanni has a super cool way of doing just that.

If your site isn't as slick as that - no need to worry. Personally I think that they amazon product screens are cluttered and awful but it works for them so who I am to say. 

They are Amazon, not Billy Bob whatsit name like me and you. So we have to go with more established principles of leading people by the hand. Or rather pointing them directly to the shopping cart virtually as soon as they do anything on the site.

Which brings me to another Capri Cavanni tip. 

(Actually it goes for many of the mini website voyeurs in this series). If you haven't watched them all - you should.

That is - to avoid festooning your site with follow me banners and badges.

The place to get followers on social media - is on social media. Tweet or post cool stuff with the right hashtags and people will find you. No use enticing them to your site only to bounce them straight back to skateboarding dogs and boy band tributes.

Next point is about bonuses. You can (and should) assume that people will make snap decisions based on if they are going to buy your thing. If you can offer a bonus (free chips when you buy any fish for instance) then they are more likely to think they are getting a bargain.

Capri Cavanni does something super smart - again you will have to watch the video for the full effect - but put simply, she avoids revealing all the bonus items immediately. This has the effect of making the person who was half way thinking about it - more likely to buy.

Final point - And this is something that could be improved. If you have a video telling people what to do - great. But at then end - make sure they know EXACTLY what to do. Watch TV infomercials and shopping channels for tips.

Hint: At the end of the pitch, do they repeat out their main channel url? 

No - of course not. They give you strict SPECIFIC instructions for what to do to order. And so should you. This is the one public suggestion I would make to the Capri Cavanni site.
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