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Toni Bubb

#FunkyThinkers – Toni Bubb

#FunkyThinkers - Toni Bubb

toni bubb
Toni Bubb toni bubb

Toni Bubb 

Houston, Texas, USA

Toni is great - just full stop.

But initially because she could identify her product or creation in terms of comparing it to something that most people can relate to.

A for professional services providers and coaches.

Makes it easy for people to conceptualise - because it is effectively piggy backing the advertising of

We talked about having the emotional intelligence of knowing when to talk to someone on a plane or train, and when to stay silent.

Someone somewhere should register and make a fortune.

Unlimited travel would be Toni's ideal thing.

We talked about the trickle down effect of both parents having/needing to work full time - in a lousy job - which impacts their parenting skills - because they are too tired to actually do any - which impacts the behaviour and aspirations of their children.

Superwoman would play Toni in a film.

She can be contacted via or linkedin

funky thinkers guide to time management toni bubbtoni bubb
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We talk about The Pointer Sisters also - and here they are...

John Francis

#FunkyThinkers – John Francis

#FunkyThinkers - John Francis

John Francis john francis
John Francis john francis

John Francis  

 Ontario - Canada

 John Francis is CEO of - a virtual recruitment and retention company.

John is from Waterloo, Ontario.

In this episode, we discuss wether Waterloo was named after the battle of Waterloo.

Answer - it was.

According to wikipedia - ahem...

In 1816 the new township was named after Waterloo, Belgium, the site of the Battle of Waterloo (1815), which had ended the Napoleonic Wars in Europe.

John would travel back in time to when Jesus was born - to find out exactly what went off and whose claim on God and Jesus is authentic and credible.

We are going to invent a box where John can give TedX type talks with out seeing him or him seeing anybody else.

Michael Keaton would play him in a film (it's the folicly challenged thing).

You should also check out John's podcast at workpassion fit.ere...

funky thinkers guide to time management john francisjohn francis
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judd borakove

#FunkyThinkers – Judd Borakove

#FunkyThinkers - Judd Borakove

judd borakove judd borakove
judd borakove judd borakove

Judd Borakove

Atlanta , USA

In this episode I talk to Atlanta business owner, coach and consultant Judd Borakove.

Amongst other things, we talked about his #4C project.

Why HE is the annoying person that talks to everybody on the train, bus.

Clue - It is to get more/faster/better service.

You know - by treating people as humans...

Yeah remarkable I know...

Judd would like to go back in time - to hang out in the time of King Arthur. (Assuming he is real rather than a legend...)

Swapping manly stories and playing with swords.

The show I was thinking of was River Monsters with Jeremy Wade - there is an episode below also.

We decided that if you went back in time - you could get hurt AND ACTUALLY DIE if you played with swords.

Oh and by the way - there is a font below called "Ale and wenches" which, if nothing else is a great name.

funky thinkers guide to time management judd borakovejudd borakove
elliot Katz

# FunkyThinkers – Elliot Katz

#Funky Thinkers - Elliot Katz

Elliot Katz elliot katz
Elliot katz elliot katz

Elliot Katz - Toronto

When there's a problem in our relationships, it's often easier to blame than to take responsibility. Seeking to understand the challenges he faced, Elliott Katz explored the wisdom of the ages. He discovered powerful, often-forgotten insights that gave him the answers he needed to change. He also discovered that many people face similar challenges. People started seeking his advice and he was repeatedly told, ?

Why didn't someone tell me this before??

Elliott Katz is a professional speechwriter and the author of seven non-fiction books including the bestseller Great Country Walks Around Toronto. He has written on a wide-range of subjects from the outdoors to the economy to how to stimulate ideas in the workplace. He teaches the principles in this book to men and is available to speak at seminars and conferences.

funky thinkers guide to time management elliot katzelliot katz

#FunkyThinkers – CK Goldiing

#FunkyThinkers - C.K.Goldi​ing

C.K. Gplding ck goldiing
C.K.Goldiing ck goldiing

C.K. Goldiing - Sheffield/London

Quite often, these bios are a combination of what the guest has written when they applied to be on the show, relevant information about what they do - gathered from sources like their LinkedIn, their website about page.

CK didn't write a lot on his application - other than that he once survived in London for 6 months with just £100, a bag of clothes and whatever he could make with/for previously unsigned and unknown musicians.

Despite testimonials from Red Bull, Time Out and Exposed Magazine, the layout of his website is pretty minimal.

So what to do? Where to get a bio?

I knew that I had to have him on the show.

Unfortunately, If I said - CK is a writer - you would say meh - I know writers...

If I said CK is a photographer - Hmmmm yeah everyone has a phone...

If I said CK is a voice over artist and presenter... OK well fine...

Never mind all that - all you need to do now is to listen to the interview...

funky thinkers guide to time management ck goldiingck goldiing
Tarnya Coley

#FunkyThinkers – Tarnya Coley

#FunkyThinkers - Tarnya Coley

tarnya coley
Tarnya Coley

Tarnya Coley  - Manchester

Tarnya Coley is a motivational speaker who seeks to inspire, empower and create awareness to reach their full potential.
She is a firm believer in encouraging clients to be the best version of themselves so they can become everything you set out to do.
Tarnya's desire is to help clients to understand the keys to living a pleasant and fulfilled life. Also exhibiting how they can make those small changes so they can have a better quality of life.
It is important to believe in yourself, because that is where it all starts.
I believe, I can!

funky thinkers guide to time management
Keisha Rivers

#FunkyThinkers – Keisha Rivers

#FunkyThinkers - Keisha Rivers

keisha rivers
Keisha Rivers keisha rivers

Keisha Rivers - Charlotte, North Carolina

You can solve problems in two ways--1) you can "fix" the problem; or 2) you can "develop" your people so THEY can fix the problem.

Einstein said it best when he said that "you can't fix a problem with the same mind that created it".

That's true of organizations and companies as well.

The same old way of doing things just doesn't work in new situations.

That's why we work with clients to provide a road map to success that not only focuses on solving their problems, but develops their people in ways that allows them to grow in the process.

The KARS Facilitated Outcome Model is a proven strategic outcomes-focused approach that engages teams and develops your people to think critically, work effectively and process efficiently to solve problems and achieve results.

We work with you to develop your vision of success (the outcome), map out an action plan, facilitate implementation, then assess and evaluate both progress and outcomes.

Change is a process--not an event. But if you don't have the right process, you won't get to the right destination in order to create the desired event.

Start your journey with us today. Visit ​ and let's talk.

keisha riverskeisha rivers

By the way - I referred to Funky thinker Helen - Listen to this interview also

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Jack Wong

#FunkyThinkers – Jack Wong

#FunkyThinkers - Jack Wong

Jack Wong jack wong
Jack Wong jack wong

Jack Wong - Singapore

Jack HM Wong is the author of Amazon bestselling book Cracking the Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips to Build the Business You Always Wanted. He has been featured on CBS News, Fox, ABC News and NBC News. His mission is to improve the quality of lives of over 1 million people worldwide. His message to people who are stuck in the rat race is straightforward - "Anyone can start Any Business, Anyhow, Anywhere and Anytime".

Formerly an Associate Director in an international accounting firm and a tax attorney in an international law firm for 17 years, Jack has substantial experience in dealing with people and systems issues in the corporate world.

Over the last 7 years as a serial entrepreneur and a business strategist, Jack has already assisted over 500 entrepreneurs in businesses of not more than 3 years and other experts (e.g. authors, coaches, speakers and trainers) who struggle with getting more clients and having the fear of rejection and objections to get their business breakthrough so that they can

" get in front of the right clients finally to sell their products or services using powerful sales presentation and facilitation techniques.

" regain the confidence and clarity they need to succeed in this game by knowing how to overcome probably the Number 1 public enemy to them.

" turn the "No"s into "Yes"s easily and comfortably, and even use them in their advantage to get more qualified clients and improve their sales performance.

Jack HM Wong is the author of Amazon bestselling book Cracking the Entrepreneur Code: 7 Tips to Build the Business You Always Wanted. His message to people who are stuck in the rat race is straightforward - "Anyone can start Any Business, Anyhow, Anywhere and Anytime"

funky thinkers guide to time management jack wongjack wong
nicole fende

#FunkyThinkers – Nicole Fende

#FunkyThinkers - Nicole Fende

Nicole Fende nicole fende
nicole fende nicole fende

Nicole Fende - Minnesota

Nicole Fende is, by definition a funky thinker. Instead of the boring accountancy approach to numbers, Nicole uses science fiction to get the message over.

Are you working harder than ever but your profits are flat, or falling?

Do your finances feel like a monkey on your back?

Wishing for a simple, easy to apply approach for your business numbers?

You are not alone.

I help consultants and small business owners just like you to grow their profits and achieve their dreams.

Bonus: I have the most contagious laugh on the planet. You will have fun or I'll eat my pocket protector. Guaranteed.

(That's a guarantee by the way...)

>Download a Free 5 Step Guide to More Profit and Less Stress

>Learn more at

>Feel free to add me to your LinkedIn network!
My email is

Plus - You gotta see

funky thinkers guide to time management nicole fendenicole fende
Jill Brennan

#FunkyThinkers – Jill Brennan

#FunkyThinkers - Jill Brennan

Jill Brennan jill brennan
Jill Brennan jill brennan

Jill Brennan

Jill Brennan has worked with many small business owners that are overwhelmed by the complexity of marketing their products or services and frustrated by their reliance on ‘marketing types’ that sell them what they have rather than what the business needs. Jill realized there was a gap in the market for marketing specialists to provide coaching and training to empower small businesses to develop their own internal marketing resources that suit their business.

The Approach...
Jill takes a hands-on, practical approach to helping small businesses develop marketing expertise and systems that are repeatable and scalable. This enables your own internal marketing smarts to expand to meet your needs without losing any valuable knowledge and experience gained along the way.

After returning from a stint overseas, Jill setup her own business to sell products online. While her first product was not successful, she gained valuable (and expensive!) insights into what worked and what didn’t. She was then able to use that experience to run successful marketing campaigns for a range of companies in the US, UK, Europe and Australia.

funky thinkers guide to time management jill brennanjill brennan
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