Dani Daniels – Who says personal sites can’t be quirky & oddball?

Porn star Dani Daniels shows you how to sell product via a personality.

Here is the thing: All those normalite training course that everyone goes on. You know, the ones with the happy clappy "motivational speakers?"

The ones that bang on about "getting a personality" - And you come home and think - If only I could deliver my material like them. I would be OK. My life would be as great as theirs obviously is.

But you aren't them. And wishing or trying to be someone else is generally a bad idea.

I guess you don't want to be a porn star. (Maybe you do...) I assume that you ARE trying to sell some kind of product from a website. Makes no difference if you are a porn star like Dani Daniels or sell organic yogurt or whatever. The principles are the same.

Dani Daniels shows us some ideas of how to sell your product using a personality based approach.

Let's look at some of the things DaniDaniels.com shows us...

In no particular order - watch the video for context.

Have a banner ad (preferably for your product) top dead centre of your site.  Forget logos and follow me on instagram and all that nonsense. Two main reasons you want somebody on your site is to either get a sale - preferred, or to get an email address.

That's it. If you want people to follow you. Tweet cool stuff and they will find it. No point wasting web site real estate on some one else's logo.

If people can only get your stuff on your site, tell them so. We are sliding towards a world of commoditisation. That is, people are being slowly but surely conditioned to get everything they need from the supermarkets, Amazon and Ebay. If you have something that people can ONLY GET FROM YOU. (Like pornographic marketing 😉 - Then tell them about it. Dani Daniels does this. 

Obviously, the longer you sign up for - the cheaper it gets. Standard. Are you doing this? Or have plans to? 

Thought not.

Like all these website voyeur posts, there is no "one size fits all." No copy and paste formula. If anyone offers you one of these. Keep your hands in your pocket (preferable holding your wallet), your back to the wall (so they can't stab you in it) and your mouth closed. (So you can't be misquoted later on). 

In short - it doesn't exist. 

Instead, this is a slow, painful, difficult process. Dani Daniels offers us some ideas but that is all they are.

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