How to delete your Facebook profile – or rather why…
It is possible that you have been thinking about your Facebook account and what it is doing for you and your business. Lets get one thing straight; Facebook never is, never was and never will be a “personal branding tool” for business owners and celebrities etc. In recent months fan pages and Facebook ads have been developed for that. But before you start thinking about how to delete your Facebook account, you probably want to examine why you should delete your Facebook account.

I am talking specifically on this post about how to delete your Facebook profile – as in personal page.

Don’t get me wrong – Facebook is great. If you are going to a big event for example – the 2015 Ironman race held in Canada, and finding the the Mont Tremblant group on Facebook was really helpful for me to find stuff out about the location, the race, the weather etc – despite everyone babbling away in

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By the way, If you are running an online forum on any subject on your own platform, you may have noticed a drying up of conversation in the last few years as Facebook has cornered the market in securing the eyeballs.
If you are intending to run Facebook ads or have a fan page, then you need to tie them to a personal account. Deleting the whole account in a fit of peak is probably a bad idea.

>>>>Reality che​ck<<<<

As a business owner, Can you afford your online reputation to be governed by the lowest common denominator of the people you hang around with? I sure want to avoid appearing online surrounded by people with bottles of beer and doing stupid things. (I side stepped the ice bucket challenge also)

Facebook, especially on personal devices like a phone or tablet, panders to that most basic of human needs, looking at what other people are doing, without them knowing that we are looking.

Facebook is the ultimate tool for the silent but discerning stalker.

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Want to see what the bridesmaids looked like at a strangers wedding? feel free. Want to see what that person who hangs around with the bloke up the road looks like in a bikini? Feel free.

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It’s a time suck and here is an example. 

Have you ever noticed how those ads (including the news feed in the right hand column) appear ever more relevant. Some of the brightest people that have ever lived spend hours and hours working out what you click on and what you don’t. Advertisers make money only when you click and in the 21st century internet based economy, YOU are the product. It makes sense to present you with links you are MORE LIKELY to click on. In this respect, social media is a cruel trick played on business owners.

Don’t believe me?

I could find an event online today, near me, aimed at business owners showing me how to set up a Facebook account. No thought of what to do when I have got it or why I need to do it. This is a class in futile button pushing.

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Despite what it says when a memory pops onto my timeline, Facebook does not care about me, or my personal productivity. Mark Zuckerberg cares about one thing and one thing alone. Profits for Facebook shareholders. He is providing people with the tools to while away their lives.

Forget all that personal branding stuff also. Everybody is talking and no one is listening. Uploading a photograph of yourself and your kids? Guess what ? So is everyone else..

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Suppose you upload a picture of your kids walking or crawling or throwing up when they have had too much to drink for the first time.

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How many people do you think will really REALLY be interested in this in real life? As in you would whip a photograph out and show them and they be interested?

Answer: Fewer than 10. That is close family only. This gives an interaction ratio of 2%. That is 2 out of 100 people. Nobody else cares in the slightest. (Plus they’ve got their own photos of their own kids to share with 500 people too). It is this which provides fuel to the fire of the permanent partial attentiveness generation. Oh look – 100 photos of someone else’s kids – I will have a quick flick through to see if I recognise anybody. Nah nothing there – boring – oh look a photograph of a skateboarding dog.

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Is this you?

If you have 500 friends and you upload masses of photographs at a time then your camera phone should be boiled in oil and you be made to communicate with a piece of paper and a pencil for the rest of your life.

Also, if you have say, 500 friends and you have hundreds of photographs of yourself, your kids and your spouse, then you are the last person why needs to be crying when your wife gets added to an anonymous boobs site or your kids get pilfered onto places most people don’t like to thing about.

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The next big reason why you need to think about deleting your Facebook profile is that you will end up dancing to somebody else’s tune. Two examples

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First, Remember the news feed from earlier on? These are the things your “friends” are talking about. I can manage without knowing that Eddie Hall dead lifted 500 kgs. My day will go quite a bit smoother without that fact in my head.

Second, let’s say like me, you have only a few family and close friends as “friends.” EVERYTIME one of them like something, comments on something, fills in a silly little survey or downloads a game, it shows up in MY timeline.

Your friend liked somebody that you don’t know dressed as a pirate (or whatever) can be a little bit annoying after a while.

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If you mix up all this 21st century dysfunctional family stuff with trying to run a business from a Facebook personal profile and you have a recipe for confusion and posting the wrong stuff to the wrong people.

Having said all this, there are upsides to Facebook. If you have a “lifestyle” business. You make and sell jewelry or run some kind of MLM thing. (cosmetics, fitness shakes or cooking equipment for instance). If this is you, then you don’t even need a website. Facebook gives you all the tools (as explained above) to locate and engage the required people. You can upload photographs of your products etc, encourage people to share them. Just expect to annoy people pretty soon. You will be the person at a social event who is selling double glazing to anyone they talk to.

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Next rant when thinking about how to delete your facebook profile (appropriate if you are a business owner and want to read on).
If you do have a website, and a Facebook (or any social media) profile, then it is likely you have fallen into the template trap.

Most WordPress and other templates have space for you to add your profile links. Most people add as many as they can. Don’t want to miss a click right? That’s what the gurus tell us.

But here is the thing – quite often, when doing a website voyeur, I see sites with a whole stream of buttons. And being inherently curious, I click on the buttons.Enter your text here...

Only to find that the twitter button sends me to a twitter account with only a handful of tweets and no real followers. Just a few webcam sex robot accounts.

The facebook button sends me to a personal page with all the fun and games I have talked about in this post.

The YouTube button takes me to a seemingly abandoned channel with a couple of random videos from a couple of years ago, the channel header is still the default drab grey graphic.

All these buttons do is get me OFF your site and onto somewhere I can watch pictures of skateboarding elephants and other people’s weddings to my hearts content.

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Conventional social media training says you need to “be everywhere.” Well, a) that’s garbage and b) with dozens and dozens of social platforms, that’s really tricky at best and at worst impossible.

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Each social media platform has it’s own nuances and audience demographics if you like. Your job is to work out which one suits you and your content and concentrate your efforts there. I worked out that YouTube was the best way of showing my straight talking direct style and concentrated my efforts their. I abandoned LinkedIn as it was getting too much like Facebook.

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Oh and by the way – have you noticed who makes money regardless out of social media training? That’s right – the people doing the training. Being on every platform means you put yourself into a conveyor belt of endless tips and tricks and insider secrets and other nonsense).

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Top tips if you are really going to ignore all the above.

Make sure you pay attention to your profile picture. If you really must send business colleagues or customers to your Facebook profile, be sure to think about the impression a picture with you wearing a silly hat gives. What you need to be thinking instead is how to delete your Facebook profile.

Look at the “View my profile as others see it” feature. In fact have a good session on the whole of the privacy settings. You might be quite alarmed what other people can see about you.

Finally, maybe, just maybe, you could unfriend someone. (Or at least unfollow them). There is no law that says you must be friends. Nothing will happen. Trust me, I have done this and most of the time, they don’t even notice.

But what happens if they want to tell you something important? 

Well guess what – we have a invention that predates even Facebook and it’s called the telephone. Heck, you go even go round to their house and tell them face to face.

(By the way – there is no tip number two. This is because, there are only two rules in life, the first is never to divulge all your secrets….)

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