The world has gone soft. It seems to me, that everyone wants "cheat sheets", "hacks" and shortcuts to success. Many diet plans allow you to largely eat what you want. Many business books, courses and seminars offer easy solutions. Management consultants talk about "quick wins."

Everyone wants it - nobody wants to do anything for it.

There is a whole world of paranoia built around the fact that there may be - just may be - a hack or a tip that I don't know. This is productivity means FOMO.

On the flip side, there is the school of hard work. Unfortunately, hard work is somewhat inevitable if you want any sort of success. There are very few real businesses of any kind of substance, built solely on "hacks." And the danger with hard work, is that, it becomes the goal in itself. Working hard is a throwback concept. Miners used to work hard. Steelworkers and dockers.

And if you aren't careful, the hard work will become the goal. A call centre measures number of incoming calls, average call time, average call time per officer, average hold time, average hold time per officer. They miss one crucial thing, however. Why do people ring up?

Much of that effort, collection of data and making sure software is working, associated tech hassles could be circumnavigated by finding out why people ring up and fixing THAT.

The sweet spot between hard work and short cuts is the mastermind group. If the previous words have rung any bells whatsoever, you should click the link below.

jon seniors mastermind

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Jonathan Senior. Management consultant. Swimmer, cyclist, runner, triathlete since 1996. Running coach, blogger since 2005. Likes punk rock, rap & rugby league. Dislikes dogs, tattoos and most other people.

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