Here is a shock:Doing stuff doesn’t work…


If you are facing a complicated task, what is the first thing you do? If you are like most business owners I have met, you will switch on your computer, open up a new word document and start typing.

Which is perhaps the worst thing you can do?

Straight away, you are in a defined environment and one which is prone to throwing up distractions and banana skins.

Which version of word do you have? Suppose it needs an update, suppose your version of windows (or whatever you use) needs an update. Suppose your antivirus has run out or needs updating.

THAT then becomes the task in hand rather than the complicated task you originally set out to do.

Plus – you are then constrained by how word wants you to think and organise.

Suppose you want to draw a picture or a diagram, gather some links together for later analysis?

Yep – you can get diverted down the “How does word do this?” boulevard.

Here is a better question?

What is the simple biggest and most important tools you can use in your productivity?

Answer – A piece of paper, a pencil, a dictionary, a thesaurus, a calculator and a bottle of water.

That’s it. For a true problem solving session, I would suggest that these are the only tools you need.

Only then, when you have a plan of action, can you hit the internet and start to make things happen.

Why do people rush to login and get started?

Nowadays, effort equals accomplishment. If you “get stuck in” then results will usually follow right?

There are loads and loads of “time saving” apps and software and gadgets out there. Most written as hobby projects by the authors. Many written to exploit the feeling of MUST DO SOMETHING. They are monetising your naivety. As with so many things these days YOU are the product…

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