The human split test or which of these children will draw the best pictures?

Human split test

The answer is that, generally speaking, assuming they are siblings,  it will be about the same. I mean one of them *could* conceivably be a young Picasso and the other one not know which end of the pencil to hold to make a mark on the paper, but it is unlikely. 

Take a similar scenario for the average small business. The "gig economy" is the latest thing that politicians and all types of wannabes have found out about. This is because it is sneaking up on conventional thinking. It is disruptive. Are zero hours contracts the latest tool for big bad corporations to exploit workers or something for people who want a lifestyle job the flexibility to work when they want to and go night clubbing when they want to also.

But I digress slightly.

Most normalite training courses talk about sites like fiverr in a slightly odd way. Kind of like the school kid who has just discovered a legal way to get an extra packet of sweets. 

Yes -You really can get stuff done for $5... and isn't this fab...

Err no. It's a good way to waste money quickly. Most of the stuff on there is very poor quality.

Why is this?  

Well the good guys and girls on there probably don't know you. Probably don't know the workings of your business and care even less. If they are from developing countries, they have more pressing problems. Like food for their family TODAY.

One thing you can do is to get several pieces of work done and then pick the best one.

Think about it this way. If you got a picture from one of the children pictured and another picture from a child at the other side of the world. NOW you would get a reasonable choice of getting the best picture rather than choosing two mediocre ones.

With Fiverr you can do exactly this.

Instead of the dopamine hit when you send your $5 and the deflation when what comes back is dismal, you can have real power at your finger tips.

What's all this got to do with pornographic marketing?

You should know that split testing, (like so many other things we take for granted in marketing these days had it's origins in pornography.

jon seniors mastermind Human split test
Human split test

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