Internet safety advice is something that everyone loves to give out. Or rather it’s good glossy brochure material to be seen giving advice. It is one of those things that has become a free pen and mouse mat-athon. It’s good PR.

See asking for advice is easy. It allows the asker to offload responsibility. Giving advice is what most people like to do.

Plus it seems that every week, some large corporation or another gets hacked. If they can’t practice cyber safety with all the boffins they employ, what chance does the average punter have with a tablet they bought down at the local supermarket?

I have spoke about advice previously. Where to get free advice and too much advice strangles the majority. So you should have a look at those first.

There is a video below with a website voyeur about a typical internet safety advice campaigning website.

Internet safety has been in the news recently so lets have a look round at what the usual suspects are saying. internet safety adviceThe government also wants to see online safety given more attention at schools, with social-media safety advice built into existing education programmes. The consultation will close on 7 December, and the government expects to respond in early 2018.UKTN Facebook and Twitter could face ‘online abuse levy’ – BBC News internet safety advice“The internet has been an amazing force for good … The government also wants to see online safety given more attention at schools, with social-media safety advice built into existing education programmes. The consultation will close on 7 December … Facebook and Twitter could face ‘online abuse’ tax

Online safety is a tricky thing to illustrate without being dark. You will see this stock image repeated a few times therefore.

You can find some tips and strategies on the Internet Matters website. However, it is important to remember that all families are unique and operate in different ways. When your child visits a friend or stays over for a sleepover, you are trusting them … How to tackle the complex problem of e-safety with parents – TES News

The age old problem of sleepover safety gets with the 21st century.

The culture secretary, Karen Bradley, has this morning outlined a voluntary code of practice which aims to make internet giants undo some of the “undeniable suffering” that the internet can cause. As part of the plan, web giants will be asked to pay … British government wants internet giants to pay for societal damage – Alphr

“Societal damage” – that’s a new buzzword for us to use…

Culture Secretary, Karen Bradley, announced the new internet standards to better protect young people online, making social media sites fully responsible for any content published on their website. If sites are in breach of the new standards, the … Facebook, Twitter face government tax with new Internet Safety Strategy – Computer Business Review

To the uninitiated, the internet can feel like a scary place – and to some extent, it is. About four new malicious software programs are created per second according to figures collated by IT security analysts AV-TEST. The stats might sound daunting, but … Stay safe online: Top 10 internet safety tips

This internet safety advice is good but they require at least medium to advanced tech knowledge.

Internet safety advice czar Karen Bradley internet safety advice

Facebook and Google could be forced to uphold the same standards as newspapers and other publications as part of a Government crackdown, it has emerged.

Ministers are looking at whether to classify social media giants as publications instead of communication platforms, which would bind them to strict rules and make them responsible for everything they host.

New plans revealed by Karen Bradley also include compulsory internet safety lessons to teach children about the dangers of posting naked photos or sending them to people they meet online.

The measures are part of a crackdown on internet giants amid fears young people are increasingly at risk when using the internet.

Compulsory internet education is a great thing. Note the double use of the inflammatory word crackdown.


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