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When we worked in corporate, there was no shortage of people waiting to tell tales on us. If we goofed off five minutes before lunch, there would be someone who noted it. If we were late back and added the time as "In a meeting" some wise owl would have appointed themselves the meeting police.

As a result, and this is confirmed by my extensive research gossiping with people like me who stepped out of corporate before it spat them out.

When you moving into being a small business owner, mercifully, you leave the office nazi's behind. And there is no one to stop you jerking around.

If you want to spend a couple of hours facebooking (just why for starters) and call it research, you can. No one will hold you to account. Unfortunately though, a couple of hours on facebook isn't bankable currency.

When you are the boss, you can jerk around to your hearts content and no one will stop you. No one apart from your mastermind group that is.

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