What you can learn from the parody genre

When I started looking at the basic concepts of Pornographic Marketing, people told me not to be so silly. Nobody in their right minds looks at porn. I would be wasting my time.  But first, if you don't know what a parody is, then take a moment to read this helpful clip that I took from the first page of google.

A porn parody is just that. A deliberate exaggeration for comic effect - done as a pornographic film.

porn parody

So far so good.

It actually staggered me a little bit that virtually every TV show, film, politician, game show you can possibly think of have their own porn parody. Some examples are below.

trump porn parody
porn parody
porn parody

Trump is an obvious target - but look how he plays up to the dominant male and the ever enthusiastic secretary looking eager and willing to please. Plays up to the worst stereotypes of men, women and sex possible - but that's another post.

Don't believe me - type "porn parody" into google images - the results will go on forever.

If you still need it spelling out - a porn parody is a film where little else happens - save for the cast having sex in the style of the mainstream media, personality or genre featured on the cover.

porn parodies

How do porn parodies help us as business owners?

Well - it is very simple. Porn parodies aren't made just for the sake of it. These are effectively feature films with all the costs that they entail. They are made with an audience in mind. The producers will already have established distribution channels, databases of people with credit cards ready to be swiped.

But - remember - everyone told me that nobody watches porn. So guess what. They were lying.

What people do and what people say they do are a million years apart.

If you are doing "SURVEYS" then you are FLAT OUT WASTING YOUR TIME. Remember - nobody watches porn. (Except there is a multi billion dollar industry built on it...)

You will have noticed that the Charlie's angels porn parody features Sunny Leone. She was instrumental in the development of the Pornographic Marketing principles. Find out more below.

pornographic marketing
pornographic marketing porn parodyporn parody

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