Picture the scene if you would - you (or anyone) goes to the local networking club. (More on this tomorrow). And you ask for advice. Let's be honest and say that most people go to these type of events to sell rather than anything else - despite what they say.

Do you think, for one minute that the advice is going to be anything other than biased?

Is someone you meet for an hour every couple of weeks over a cup of lukewarm coffee going to understand the details of what you are trying to do?

Are they the correct person to be giving advice? Remember, everyone likes to give advice, no-one particularly likes to take it.

One story about mastermind springs to mind. At a mastermind group I was once a member of, one of the members was about to have his house repossessed for non payment of mortgage. Repossessed as in, men come round and change the locks saying firmly "You don't live here anymore..."

Where to go for advice? The networking club. Saying to someone in confidence in small-town ville that you have personal financial troubles is virtually the same as putting it on the front page of the daily mail.

The ONLY place this person could go, for honest, practical, non judgemental advice was his mastermind group.

Practical advice as in, what to do now - rather than raking over what had happened for some kind of morbid entertainment as is often the case now.

I should say, that joining a mastermind is the single biggest step you can take to start to take control of your life and your business.

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