Naughty America – Does anybody do it better?

Naughty America is a pornographic film production and distribution company. They produce and distribute material via subscription on their dedicated site.

As a production company, they will obviously have large ongoing and fixed costs. That is things they have to pay for regardless of how many films they sell. These include staffing costs, technical equipment that they may own or hire and support staff.

Fixed costs have the power to derail any business. So it is important that the website selling the product is good.

Let's see if it is...

What can Naughty America teach us about marketing then?

The strap line - "Nobody does it better..." Compare this with most small business owners.

Free quotes - Discount for pensioners - In business xyz blah blah years - Boring - Things - That - Mean - Nothing.

Note that the "Nobody does it better" could apply to anything.

How Naughty America uses popups in a cute way.

Naughty America uses what I would call a "fake popup" on - You will need to watch the video to see what I mean. How can you use popups in a creative way ?

How can you either disarm people or draw their attention to something on the screen?

 What can you do that is different to the dorky "Get newsletter" that everyone else does. (I bet you get a grand total of ZERO sign ups also).

Photos of your product

I would say that the Naughty America site featured the most graphical content of all the sites so far in the website voyeur series. The moral is - don't be afraid of featuring your product as much and as often as you possibly can. Invest in high quality pictures of yourself and your staff. Spend money on high quality stock photos. Naughty America show we live in a graphical world. Step into it.

Naughty America
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