Pornography addiction – Socially acceptable?

Pornography addiction - is it socially acceptable?

I ask this because an interesting thing struck me while watching a TV ad.

The ad was for some kind of upset stomach/indigestion type thing.
A magic cure for people who like to eat and drink a lot.
The main characters of the ads were salt of the earth type guys out for a meal.
One of them got some kind of unspecific "bloated feeling."
A quick 'excuse me' and out he steps, to pop a few of these magic pills and within no time, he is back in the game, back slapping and roaring with laughter in the 'good old boys' network.

Now, here is the thing, I rarely have to take tablets for an upset stomach and I never carry them around with my keys, wallet and phone as though they were essential. I have never had pornography addiction, drinking addiction, eating addiction, drugs or anything.

As someone who can see through all the macho nonsense in TV ads, this advertisement was saying something different to me; It was saying that it is socially acceptable to eat and drink too much.

Virtually everyone you know has been to an 'all you can eat or drink' restaurant or on an all inclusive holiday made themselves ill and joked about it afterwards.

pornography addiction

It  really is socially acceptable, to eat and drink so much that you have to take something artificial (tablets or pills or liquid or gel or whatever other junk they can dream up) so you can go back and eat and drink some more.

Watching that ad on TV was not the only thing that has struck me lately. 

How socially acceptable - even desirable - is gambling (taking risks to secure greater results). 

The industry has changed since I was a bookmakers clerk. Way back when.

Not so long ago restrictions were placed on alcohol (drunkenness and fighting) unacceptable in a civilised society and tobacco companies (smoking kills - we all want to be healthy) sponsoring various things in sport, so online betting companies have taken their place and now sponsor everything from football clubs to programs on TV.

As I walk past my local high street bookmakers office (I have never downloaded an app so I wouldn't know) virtually all adverts with gambling products are endorsed by pundits and celebrities from TV.

These things are accompanied by links to gamble aware and end with, When the fun stops. Stop. and all that boring stuff that the head of year used to tell you in assembly at school.

Yeah, but everywhere still seems to be telling me that it is OK. (The lottery, Bingo, horse racing). 

Where's the harm. Don't worry, even if you do get in too deep - gamble aware advertises on TV.

This ad is on MAINSTREAM TV...

Watching popular music and the videos which accompany are next on the list of things that are socially acceptable to do.

Mainstream TV (freeview) has several channels of music and videos filled with gyrating women (and men) wearing very little clothing and leaving very little to the imagination. 

Watching this is socially acceptable for men, women, boys and girls of all ages.

pornography addiction

Go to a wedding and their will be similar amounts of bare arms and shoulders on show.

So, with all these things being socially accepted by nations, communities and families, are we becoming immune to things that were once thought of as dangerous.

One thing though that will NEVER be advertised on TV or be cool or blokeish to talk about is pornography addiction.

As a result, there is an ongoing battle for what is acceptable and what is not.

I would suggest that pornography addiction is the last socially unacceptable vice going.

People don't like to talk about pornography addiction or otherwise constructively. 

See the chart below and notice who gets more searches.

pornography addiction

Pornography addiction - who is the porn star?

What does all this talk of pornography addiction mean and why should you care?

If you are a business owner, there is a LOT to learn from an industry that makes three times more money than google, apple and facebook PUT TOGETHER. It's an industry which people are reluctant to talk about. It is an industry which is one of the most competitive out there.

If you want secrets and techniques from the adult industry - click the banner below.

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pornographic marketing pornography addictionpornography addiction

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Ed Longshanks - June 18, 2017 Reply

Porn use is not addiction. Only a rare person is “addicted” to it. Like food, it has a biological limit.

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