What would you say to a complete stranger?

The other day, I was reading a blog post which was (something like) "How to get on the phone with anybody"

What I find interesting about those type of posts is that they are typically motivating you to buy their junk or sign up for their nonsense rather than actually telling you how to get on the phone with anyone.

But that is beside the point.

What is interesting though is what would you say to them. These days, most people are incapable of articulating for five minutes about virtually anything. (I think I have had my annual quota of "I was like..." and it is only the middle of March).​

It's an interesting question - ​thinking the what to say - rather than working out a plan to get them to even pick up the phone.

The thing is though - many people don't want to talk to strangers. When was the last time you saw someone leap onto the bus or train and start gas bagging with all and sundry?

Everyone will look at each other with that "Who is this idiot?" look on their faces​

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