​How to hire me - I will be your pain in the neck.

If you were wondering how you can get me to work with you, here are a few things you need to know first.

And by the way - if you are looking at other consultants or service providers, remember that you aren't buying something from a convenience store or supermarket. The instant gratification economy doesn't extend to my relationship with you. 

If someone promises you the moon on a stick for the lowest price and in your choice of colour then you should be worried.

Expect me to ask you awkward questions.  If we agree that doing something would be good for your business. Expect me to hound you and nag you until it gets done.

If you have kids - how many of them ever said "Yippee - medicine time" and did it have any effect on you giving it to them?

Probably no and no right?​


I don’t do piece-meal work or deal with sticking plaster solutions. A minimum consulting engagement lasts 12 months. (Yes, it is a commitment because this is the only way success is found.)

I only work with a very small number of private consulting clients at a time. When you contact me, I may or may not have an opening for you. If what you need done needed to be done “yesterday”, you’re probably out of luck.​

sticking plaster



If you have the ego of a boxer - lose it or we are history...

Next up...

I tell it like it is. Clients pay me big bucks to tell them the truth they don’t always want to hear but need to. If you are looking for someone to follow you around and chant “Yo’re da man, Mike, yo’re da man” (just like Mike Tyson did) you better off taking your money elsewhere.


I won't try to BS you into thinking I can give you the keys to the universe. If you think someone DOES hold the keys to the universe and you are looking to find them, keep looking, you won't find them here.

Often, what I say and do flies in the face of conventional wisdom and so-called “common sense”. I don’t care what’s popular or what’s the “norm”. I am only interested in what works.

Now that you’ve been warned and are still here, here are some of the reasons you may want to talk to me:

  • Speaking Engagements & Seminar Appearances – Fill out the contact form and provide the details of the event, the topic(s) you’d like me to cover, how many people you expect there and who they are. (Note:I rarely do anything 'public' apart from via webinar or podcast.
  • One-On-One Coaching And Consulting – Submit you request through the contact form form, indicating the biggest issue you need to take care of, and we will email you my consulting application questionnaire; you will need to fill that out before we schedule a telephone meeting with me.
  • To interview me – On the contact form, indicate how you intend to use the material and who is going to be audience.
  • To have me interview you – Explain how your information will benefit my subscribers when you submit your request through the contact form.

Group Coaching & Consulting – There are details of my various programs in the panel below.​

You can use any of the articles on this website for your newsletter, magazine, or ezine as long as it contains a clear reference to as a source. The link should be “clickable” in any type of online media. If you want me to write a special article for your publication, fill out the contact form.